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Hugo and Digby

Born from a genuine love of food, events, and the theatre of amazing catering Feast It is a labour of love that's trying to make event planning that little bit easier, by offering a one stop shop where you can discover, compare and book the country's best catering without the hassle.

Like all great stories Feast It started with a simple idea to improve catering, eat free food, and to impress a girl.

After years of working in the food, festival and events industries Co-founders Digby and Hugo (yeah we know they sound like a walking cliche) grew incredibly frustrated by the huge amount of time they were spending in trying to hunt down the best catering, find out if they were available and then trying to book them. It seemed crazy there wasn't a modern simple to use booking platform that would let them book the ideal food and drink for their next event when they needed - delicious food, strong drinks, and amazing service, without the legwork.

Roll around summer 2016 and one more event where hours were spent calling traders (about half rejected, half unanswered), getting quotes, managing logistics, and they realised they were no closer and there simply had to be an easier way.

They started spending all their time trying out new restaurants, street traders, and chatting about how they could create a platform that would allow you to see all the available caterers for your event, browse through photos, menus and an estimated price and then make your booking, all in one go. Then Digby tried to impress a girl by quitting his job, and Feast It was born.

Fast forward 8 months and went live, a simple platform bringing together over 200 of the nation's best food and drink suppliers, all easily bookable at the click of a button.

Digby did however still get dumped, but he now eats for free at a lot of places, which he claims he prefers.