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Brand activation case study: Native

Native is a student engagement agency that enlisted the help of Feast It to bring their platform to life. Their touring brand activation reached 12,000 students, with our colorful and branded ice-cream van leaving a mark at each University city they visited.

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Event brief

Native approached Feast It to support their brand awareness campaign across 6 Freshers Fairs around the UK in September 2019. Native were looking for a branded ice cream van to take to universities to serve 12,000 students free ice cream in return for engaging with their platform.

Account management

An experienced Feast It account manager worked hand in glove with Native, the selected ice cream supplier and our partner wrapping supplier to create a custom wrapped, branded ice cream van in under 10 days. Feast It acted as the sole point of contact for Native, and handled all logistical operations to ensure the smooth running of the process.

Curation of suppliers

Feast It worked in collaboration with the suppliers to provide one quote for Native. This quote included 12,000 ice-creams. the brand wrapping of the ice cream van, estimated mileage costs, accommodation costs and access to the vehicle for one week.

Feast It made the whole process incredibly easy; from working within tight budgets and timeframes, to showing amazing flexibility in adapting plans as the campaign developed, nothing was too difficult and the campaign was delivered seamlessly. After giving out 12,000 ice creams across six cities, all in the space of a week, we're so grateful to the team!


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