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Cambridge May ball catering

With the stress of exams lingering, we understand that getting your May Ball organised thoroughly and quickly is of great importance. We’ve got a brilliant bank of over 1000 street food suppliers and mobile bars, and you can book every caterer for your ball all in one go with Feast It. We’ve organised multiple May Balls and consider ourselves pros, so go on, put our logistical skills to the test! What better way to dance the night away than with gourmet macaroni cheese in one hand and a cocktail named after your college in the other?

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Choose from 1000+ of the UK’s best street food suppliers, restaurant caterers and mobile bars. Our dedicated event pros are on hand to help you find the perfect fit.



We’ll send you quotes from a selection of best suited suppliers. Chat with them directly to find out more about their food or drink, setup and the logistics of your event.



Lock in your chosen supplier by paying in full or setting up a payment plan with a 10% deposit. We’ll hold your funds securely until the day after your event.

You demand, we'll supply

Once you’ve browsed through all our food suppliers and mobile bars, fill out an enquiry form and your very efficient personal account manager will call you back that day to give you advice on the perfect caterers for your May Ball and get them booked and confirmed. Members of Feast It can also be there on the night to ensure that everything runs perfectly. Having worked on a number of May Balls in the past, our team are experts at the catering logistics, so you can turn your mind to other aspects of the ball, knowing that food and drink is all taken care of. Check out our May Ball case study here.

A fairground of food for your May Ball

Here at Feast It, we understand that you’ve been working seriously hard all year, so you want your May Ball to be the celebration of the century, and the best one at Cambridge. From bespoke cocktails named after your college, served by The Cocktail Car Company out the side of their converted retro VW Camper, to fresh rock oysters with a spicy whisky dressing from Oyster Boy, we’ve got the suppliers to perfectly fit your May Ball criteria.

Impress your guests

We know that your guests will have paid a pretty penny for their ball ticket, and that they expect to eat and drink delicious produce until the cows come home. We’ve got a great range of mobile bars, serving up anything and everything from artisanal gin and tonics from Jim & Tonic, to exotic cocktails from The Rum Runner. When it comes to the food, you can pick from hundreds of suppliers, including the cheesiest of toasties from Grill My Cheese, chocolatey churros from Los Churros Amigos, wood-fired pizza from Dough & Deer and more!

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the ball, especially the food which was a major contributor to this and everyone felt they had good value for money. Last year the food was described as mediocre, and it also ran out, but it wasn’t a problem this time!

Tom Latham, Food and Drinks officer at Cambridge University

Some of our amazing suppliers

Our suppliers are second to none. We’ve handpicked a few here, but to see the full list get started on your enquiry.


How much will catering cost for our May Ball?

The cost can vary a lot due to how many tickets you are selling and the types of food and drink suppliers you have chosen. Once you have made an enquiry online, we can give you a clearer idea of the cost in the form of a quote. Even though we provide a curated service, the price will not increase.

What’s included by the suppliers?

Our caterers and mobile bars will bring everything they need with them to your ball. This includes their vehicle, stall or gazebo, their produce, their equipment, and the containers that their food or drink comes in. If there are more specific things that you want, such as cups with an image of your college’s coat of arms on them, you might have to provide them yourself! Just ask our suppliers on our online chat system and they can tell you what’s what.

Can the suppliers cater for dietary requirements?

Yes, absolutely. We have a great number of suppliers that cater for dairy-free, gluten-free, halal, kosher, vegetarian and vegan requirements. When you enquire online, let us know which of the above you need accounted for and we will find the suitable suppliers for you.

Can the suppliers serve half portions of food?

Yes! The majority of our suppliers are more than happy to do half portions for your guests. We understand that the students attending a May Ball want to try out as much of the food and drink as they can, so this can be easily organised.

Can the suppliers operate both indoors and outdoors?

Yes! Our street food caterers and mobile bars are happy to be placed outdoors almost anywhere. The size of the outdoor area that they have will dictate whether they bring a van, gazebo or market stall. Many of our suppliers can also serve their food and drink indoors, so just mention how many you’d like to set up inside your college when you enquire online.

We’ve got over 1000 people attending our ball, how quickly can your suppliers serve their food?

Our food caterers and mobile bars are total experts at getting their produce our super speedily, so you can rest assured that your guests will not have to queue for ages to get their hands on a burger or a waffle.

Can suppliers tailor their menus or set-up to fit our theme?

With plenty of warning, many of our suppliers are really happy to get creative to fit certain themes. Whether its changing the names of menu-items of working with you to dress their set-up, just let us know what you have in mind!

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