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Community event case study: Wimbledon Park Fireworks

Merton Council appointed Feast It as their street food and bar provider for their Wimbledon Park firework display which attracts 20,000 attendees each November, alongside the Morden Park firework display which attracts roughly 10,000. Feast It curated a line-up of awesome suppliers to best suit the event demographic and who were able to produce a high number of portions in the 1-2 hour service window.

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Event details

Client: Merton Council

Venue: Wimbledon Common

Event type: firework display

Number of attendees: 20,000

Date: November 2019

End-end management

Feast It's event management team provided end-end support, which included the handling of supplier documentation and payments, and logistical operations such as overseeing load-in and de-rig. Other duties included managing supplier placement at the venue and supporting suppliers with their power requirements. Feast It also provided an on-site manager, to ensure the smooth running of the event. 

Curation of suppliers

Feast It worked closely with Merton council to curate a varied line up of suppliers to suit the event demographic. Based on the nature of the event and the short service window, suppliers were selected on their ability to turn around between 200-300 portions per hour, keeping queue times at a minimum whilst maintaining the Feast It standard of quality. Feast It’s bar partner handled queue management by placing a number of their staff across the site with portable beer backpacks to easily refill attendees' drinks. Feast It ensured suppliers used biodegradable service wear and catered for a variety of dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, halal, and gluten-free.

In 2019 we were looking for new catering suppliers to improve the diversity and quality of the food on offer at our fireworks shows in Wimbledon Park and Morden Park. Feast It represented excellent value for money and a good choice of suppliers that matched our brief. Our customers were really happy with the new food stalls they offered.

Merton Council

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