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Cultural Festival case study: FTWeekend Festival

FTWeekend Festival is a yearly cultural festival hosted by the well-known Financial Times publication. The event features a curated line-up of industry leaders and speakers offering demonstrations and discussing a range of thought-provoking topics. Financial Times first brought in the help of Feast It in 2017 to manage a selection of the street-food and drink suppliers at the event. We continued to work on the event in 2018 and in 2019, providing the attendees with a number of varied and exciting options.

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Event details

Client: Financial Times

Venue: Kenwood House Gardens, London

Event type: Cultural Festival

Number of attendees: 3,500

Date: September 2017, 2018, & 2019

Account management

Feast It's event management team provided support throughout the process which included the handling of supplier documentation and payments. The team also handled all logistical operations such as managing power requests, supplier placement at the venue, and overseeing load-in and de-rig.

Curation of suppliers

Feast It worked closely with the Financial Times team to curate a line up of suppliers to suit the individual event demographic. Suppliers were selected for the event based on their ability to turn round a high number of portions per hour, keeping queue times at a minimum whilst maintaining the Feast It standard of quality. 

Our offering included: 

10x street food suppliers (inc. Indian, Japanese, Italian and British)

3x coffee suppliers 

1x bar supplier

Data driven

Thanks to the data we collected at the event in 2017 and 2018 through our EPOS systems, we had unparalleled knowledge of the attendees' cuisine and menu-item preferences. We were able to learn from this data to improve the food offering in 2019 to best suit this audience. 

We used Feast it for 3 years running at our annual FTWeekend Festival to source and manage our food vendors. The team were lovely to work with, quick to respond and flexible in collaborating with our partners. Feedback from the attendees on the quality and range of food options was great. We had no complaints which is a win.

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