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How we can help

If you know someone looking to cater a wrap party, on-set catering or anything else in-between, send them our way! Our fantastic collection of suppliers includes over 1,000 street food and restaurant caterers, as well as mobile bars. Share the love with your friends and colleagues, we'll find them the most fitting supplier and we'll send a treat your way!

Spread the love!

As one of our loyal customers, we're inviting you to refer your friends and colleagues in the TV & Film production industry to Feast It, in return for cash! We're offering up to £100 for each person you refer that makes a booking with Feast It. If you have someone in mind, ask them to email [email protected] with their enquiry and quote 'Spread the love' and your name.

What we're offering

For every new client that you recommend, we are offering the following rewards based on the value of their first booking with us:

💰 £50 reward : £1,000-2,000 event booking value

💰 £75 reward : £2,000-3,000 event booking value

💰 £100 reward : £3,000+ event booking value

What are you waiting for! We can't wait to hear from your network...

Some of our amazing suppliers

Our suppliers are second to none. We’ve handpicked a few here, but to see the full list get started on your enquiry.


When does this offer end?

There's no time limit on this offer! Anytime you refer someone in the TV and Film production industry to Feast It, you'll receive a cash prize based on their first booking value.

Is there a maximum number of referrals I can make?

Nope! Send this out to your entire network, we'd love to hear from them!

How do I claim my reward?

Please ask the person you are referring to email [email protected] and quote 'Spread the love' along with your name. We will then make sure that our accounts team our notified!

When will I receive the reward?

Feast It will process the payment within 7 days of the event taking place.

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