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May Ball case study: Hughes Hall & Lucy Cavendish

University of Cambridge's Hughes Hall & Lucy Cavendish enlisted the help of Feast It to bring their Monopoly May ball to life in 2017. Feast It curated a line-up of street food suppliers to keep all 1,000 guests satisfied throughout the night.

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Event details

Client: Hughes Hall & Lucy Cavendish

Venue: University of Cambridge

Event type: May Ball

Number of attendees: 1,000 guests

Date: June 2017

Curation of suppliers

Feast It carefully curated the ultimate line-up of street food suppliers to match the Monopoly theme. We also managed the application process for those who had already been approached by Hughes Hall & Lucy Cavendish. The suppliers selected offered a variety of cuisine options, covering all dietary requirements, and included a late-night burger supplier and dessert suppliers. Each supplier provided 1,000 medium-sized portions, allowing each guest to experience multiple cuisines throughout the evening.

Account management

Feast It prepared all the contracts and invoices, gathered all necessary documentation and power requirements from the suppliers as well as their menus, sharing everything with the ball committee in a dynamic shared document. Before the event we produced a precise event day plan, including the management of all load-in and de-rig times of suppliers. 

On-site management

On the day, Feast it were on-site at the ball with 2 members of staff to manage all catering logistics and to be the point of contact for all of our suppliers.

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the ball, especially the food which was a major contributor to this and everyone felt they had good value for money. Last year the food was described as mediocre, and it also ran out, but it wasn’t a problem this time!

Tom Latham, Food & Drinks officer