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Multi-venue festival case study: Visions Festival

Visions Festival is a one-day celebration of music, art, food and culture that takes place every August in East London. The event is held across 3 outdoor spaces and 5 venues including Oval Space, Space Studios, and London Fields Brewery. The Visions team enlisted the help of Feast It to curate a line-up of street food suppliers that would appeal to their foodie crowd.

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Event details

Client: Visions Festival

Venue: Multiple venues across Hackney

Event type: Day Festival

Number of attendees: 5,000 attendees

Date: August 2019

End-end management

Feast It’s event management team provided end-end support, which included the handling of supplier documentation and payments. Our events team managed all logistical operations, arranging suppliers placement at each of the 6 venues, assisting with venue-specific food preparation and power queries, and overseeing supplier load-in and de-rig. 

Curation of suppliers

Feast It worked in collaboration with the Visions team to curate a line-up of suppliers to suit the typically young and foodie demographic. Suppliers were selected for Visions Festival based on their ability to turn around a high number of portions per hour, keeping queue times at a minimum, whilst maintaining the Feast It standard of quality. Our offering included: 

1x Pizza supplier 

1x Asian supplier 

1x Burger supplier 

1x BBQ supplier 

1x Ice cream supplier 

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