Feast It

Public-facing events

What are public-facing events?

When we say “public-facing” we mean events where you'll be serving to the general public and there are no prepaid elements involved. These events can range in size from a few thousand people to hundreds of thousands and can include music festivals, street food markets, sporting events and parades!

Who have Feast It worked with in the past?

Pride in London, Virgin Sport, 51st State Festival and Warm Up Festival are just a few of the amazing clients we have worked with. Spanning many types of events, we're proud to work with some of the largest names in the industry, producing some of the most exciting events in the world.

How can I be successful at a public-facing event?

Visibility is key at these events. Think big signs that tell people what you serve, great lighting, clear and simple menus. 

Experience with high volume sales is another must for these events - you’ll need a system in place with staff and cooking equipment that means you can comfortably cope with over 250 portions per hour.

How does payment work?

We use iZettle for a few different reasons, the most important one is being able to have a clear overview of the sales data from each event. We're able to record peak sales times, portions sold and top-selling cuisines. We're then able to inform our traders of what to expect from an event we’ve done before and how much stock to bring to an event. This also helps minimize the food waste onsite at our events.

What does Feast It do to help the environment?

Feast It is increasing efforts to minimise our negative environmental impacts year on year. This includes addressing operations at each event we oversee, such as energy use and waste management. It also includes working closely with our suppliers to help them improve their sustainability. 

We have banned single-use plastic at all of our events and will be working with our suppliers on reducing their footprint as well as ours. We hope you can join us in becoming a greener and more responsible business going forward.

Our amazing clients

Some of our brilliant suppliers

Our suppliers are second to none. We’ve handpicked a few here, but to see the full list get started on your enquiry.

Our happy suppliers

We have worked with Feast It for a number of years on some of their largest events, London Pride and Bike Shed to name a few. The level of support is unrivalled, their direct approach to each trader and fast help where needed is amazing.

Marta, Cheeky Burger

With so much going on in this game, working with someone reliable, knowledgable and organised like Feast-it, is a must for our business & our growth. I am looking forward to another busy year with them.

Kostas, The 3 Little Pigs Souvlaki


What can I expect on site at a public facing event?

These type of events have lots of moving parts that can change plans at the last minute. You might be delayed getting into place and power may not always be at your pitch when you arrive. Please be patient and understanding with the people on site. A Feast It team member is always on call even if they aren't at the event. Many of our public-facing events have thousands of people attending. Being prepared for busy periods can ensure you maximise sales.

How does your payment system work?

At Feast It we use iZettles for all payments on site. If you have an iZettle device, great, if not we can provide one for you. The only other thing you need is a smart device with the latest version of the iZettle app. We will make a profile for you on our account and upload your menu and prices. All you need to do is log in, check the prices and start trading. All sales are held in our account until after the event. We will produce a sales report breaking down your takings and our commission. Once we have a confirmation from you we send the funds minus our commission back to you within three working days.

How many portions should I prepare for?

It is difficult for us to advise on this question. You know your product and speed of service far better than we do and so you really are the professionals here. Check the footfall and event timings in the brief and compare it to previous events that you may have done. Always prepare a bit more than you think you will need so that you don't miss out.

How much should I charge?

This is totally down to you and what you think is fair. Most of our traders serve mains costing between £7-£11 with sides ranging from £3-£6. Think about how much you would be willing to pay for a meal at a street food market.