Feast It

Soul Circus Festival

What are the details?

  • Date: Friday 21st August - Sunday 23rd August 2020
  • Predicted footfall: 10,000 (7,000 last year) 
  • Lineup: 6 savoury suppliers, 2 sweet suppliers + dining experience (banquet)
  • Fees: Power provided by event organiser. Pitch fees: £1500 + VAT for mains, £1000 + VAT for dessert. 20% commission on gross sales.
  • Requirements: Meat-free festival - all dishes must be vegan/vegetarian. Organiser has requested all suppliers to use sustainable packaging (no plastic)

What is Soul Circus Festival?

Come and discover the UK’s most exciting wellness festival, celebrating movement, music and food. Soul Circus is a yoga festival in the Cotswolds that has been running for a couple of years now providing an escape and a place to 'put yourself back together'.

Our happy suppliers from last year's event

We loved Soul Circus last year - great event with a great atmosphere!

Cheeky Burger

Can't wait to do this event again, we had such a great time last time.

Last Night a Vegan Saved My Life


What about power?

Power will be provided by the event organiser, we just need to know how much you'll need

When will the load in be?

Load in will most likely be the day before and load out day after, but this is still TBC

Is there anything in particular I need to be aware of?

Soul Circus is a meat-free festival so all dishes must be vegan/vegetarian

What can I expect on site at a public facing event?

These type of events have lots of moving parts that can change plans at the last minute. You might be delayed getting into place and power may not always be at your pitch when you arrive. Please be patient and understanding with the people on site. A Feast It team member is always on call even if they aren't at the event. Many of our public-facing events have thousands of people attending. Being prepared for busy periods can ensure you maximise sales.

How many portions should I prepare for?

It is difficult for us to advise on this question. You know your product and speed of service far better than we do and so you really are the professionals here. Check the footfall and event timings in the brief and compare it to previous events that you may have done. Always prepare a bit more than you think you will need so that you don't miss out.

How much should I charge?

This is totally down to you and what you think is fair. Most of our traders serve mains costing between £7-£11 with sides ranging from £3-£6. Think about how much you would be willing to pay for a meal at a street food market.