Feast It

Safety & security

We protect your booking

It's free and simple to change your booking date or details with us, and we also hold all funds securely until after your event before passing them to suppliers.

Simple payment plans with Feast It Pay

We're all about making your event planning easier, which is why we offer Feast It Pay - our simple payment plan. If you'd rather not settle your entire balance upfront, you can confirm your supplier with a deposit from just 10% of the full balance and split the rest into smaller monthly payments for no extra cost.

Once it's up and running we'll automatically take the payments on the 1st of every month.

Safe and secure payment through Feast It Secure

For your peace of mind, our secure payment system holds all your money safely in a dedicated account until after your event has gone perfectly - only then does your supplier receive payment. Feast It acts as an independent third party, which means you'll never have to be unsure about paying someone you don't know or worrying that you won't receive the service you've paid for.

Book with peace of mind with Feast It Protect Plus

Although extremely rare, supplier cancellations can occur due to unforeseen circumstances like extreme weather conditions or equipment malfunction. Suppliers may also go out of business due to COVID-19 restrictions.

When you make a booking, you have the option to take out Protect Plus. This optional upgrade guarantees you a replacement if your supplier is unable to fulfil your event for any reason.

Our team know our suppliers inside out, so no one is better placed to find the perfect replacement for your event. We'll even cover the difference in cost (if there is one) up to 10% of the original booking value.


Which cards do you accept?

We accept all major cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Does it cost more for me to split the cost using a payment plan?

No - whether you pay in full or split your payments, the cost is the same. The payment plan is no interest, no extra cost, just total convenience.

Can I choose the date for monthly payments to be taken?

Unfortunately not - all payments are taken on the 1st of each month.

Can I pay everything upfront in one payment?

Absolutely - if you'd prefer to you can pay the whole balance upfront. As with payment plans, the funds will be held in an independent dedicated account until after your event.

What if you can't find a replacement supplier with Protect Plus?

Our team are experts in which suppliers to contact in the unlikely case of a supplier cancellation and so far we've never been unable to find a replacement that everyone's happy with. If for some reason you weren't satisfied with the replacement on offer and decide not to go with them, you have the choice to opt for a full refund plus £75 on top.