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Welcome to the Feast It supplier community page - the place to find out about our exclusive supplier perks and learn about what others in the community are up to!

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Supplier perks

Kelly's Cause

The first hospitality-specific provider of Mental Health First Aid training, Kelly's Cause was founded by Tobie-Anna Durk in 2019 in honour of her friend and fellow chef Kelly. In Tobie-Anna's own words, "I wanted to do something to not only create change within the industry but to make Kelly's legacy a positive one".⁣ Our suppliers receive 20% off any Kelly's Cause course with the code 'CODE20' at checkout.

Discounted photography

We can't overstate how important good photography on your profile is. Our most popular suppliers are always the ones with professional, high quality images to really bring their business to life. To help out, we've partnered with a few of our top photographers to offer a massively discounted photography package for just £80! Get in touch with our Community Manager, Josh, to book in a session.


An exclusive app for people working in the hospitality sector, get up to 50% off in over 400 restaurants, bars & hotels. Use our link to get one month completely free!


Get £50 off orders to Mondo Brewery on orders of £250 or more, when ordered through Sellar.


An incredible app that's going to revolutionise how you order your stock.

Wild Edits

Get 20% off any commercial or wedding photo edits from the award winning Still Wild Creative Studios by quoting WEFEAST20 with any enquiry.

Sim Imaging

Get 20% off your first order with Sim Imaging by using the code FEASTIT2022 on checkout. Sim Imaging provides handmade photo products right here in the UK!


Do you need staff? Of course you do! We have partnered with Gigl to provide a fast, fun & friendly way of hiring staff through video CVs. Get 25% discount on any Gigl package with the code "giglFeast." But wait, there's more! Feast It members also get a 4 week free trial, with a 50% discount on Gigl credits thereafter.


Vanguard is an industry leader in camera accessories, cases and equipment. They have kindly given any Feast It member an exclusive 30% discount by applying FEAST30 during checkout.

Neon Numbers Accountancy

Founded by Rob Milner, Neon Numbers is the anti-accountant’s accountancy firm specialising in helping small businesses from around the UK thrive. As a member of Feast It, you get a free 1 - 1 session with a finance specialist, as well as 10% off first year services.

Gazebo Land

Has your canopy given out? Or are you looking to refresh your festival setup for the summer? We've partnered with Gazebo Land to offer you 10% off your first order by using the code FEAST10 upon checking out.

Zip Van

Great news! Feast It have partnered with Zipcar to give you access to over 3000 cars and vans, as well as 325 electric vehicles all via their app, including fuel or electricity, insurance and 60 miles/day, saving you time and money as well as helping you travel in a more sustainable way. Sign up today and you’ll get a one year’s Free business membership (worth £99) and £50 in driving credit.

Nim's Fruit Crisps

Nim’s is a Kent based manufacturer of air-dried drinks garnishes and botanicals including all citrus, dried flowers and much more… ideal for gin, cocktail, soft drinks and water. Light weight, long shelf life, no mess, no waste, affordable! Nim's despatch all stock items for next day delivery if ordered before 2pm. Get 10% your order by using the discount code B2BGarnish10

Decent Packaging

Carbon zero certified sustainable packaging, specialising in custom orders and tree-free disposables! Get 15% off by setting up an account with Tom --> [email protected]


Build and communicate rotas in minutes and accurately record timesheets sent directly to your payroll. Free up time to focus on building your business, like sending out quotes on Feast It! Receive an extra 10% off for 12 months by starting your 30 day free trial.

Need a Barista

Since 2016, Need a Barista has filled over 30,000 shifts, providing genuine, highly experienced artisan baristas to many of the UK's highest profile venues and events. Get 50% off your first booking by using the code FEASTIT50 on checkout.

The One Way

Providing Feast It suppliers with professional looking printed greaseproof paper. Quote FEAST IT for a guaranteed turnaround time of between 7-10 days and they’ll price match any other printing company out there.


Founded by street food OG Theo, Slinger is an app that connects you with experienced hospitality staff, with a focus on street food and mobile catering. Get 10% by quoting FEAST IT during sign up.

Community stories

Your guide to Feast It

Welcome to Feast It’s do it all supplier guide. Our goal is to have thriving suppliers and to do that, Feast It needs to be making you £££ throughout the year. We understand that there’s a lot going on with Feast It, so to save you time, Feast It has compiled our key insights and tips into one handy page.

How to Hire the Right Staff

Feast it sat down with Lauren Barnett from Home Hospitality to discuss a what's going on in the hospitality labour market, and a few low cost tips to find the right people.

Feast It's Guide To Commission

Confused about our commision? We've compiled a list of dos and don'ts to make sure you know how to price quotes fairly, deal with customers asking for cost breakdows, and what our service fee inlcludes.

Meet That's so Papos

That's So Papo's is a mobile tequila cocktail bar run by founders and close friends Ben and Russel. They serve their delicious tequila cocktails straight from their bespoke van and offer cocktail making lessons, where you can learn about tequila and how to make your own tequila cocktails.

Meet Amala Chai

Amala Chai is a masala chai tea business run by founders Archie and Akhil who were inspired by their travels in the Indian Himalayas. They cater for private events and festivals across the UK using their ‘Amala Carts’ as brewing stations. The Amala Chai team have only recently come on board with Feast It, but they’ve already become a huge hit with the Feast It community!

Meet Pickles & Lime

Pickles & Lime is a catering company run by Nadya and Masterchef quarterfinalist Jasmin. Nadya is also the founder of Rico Burrito and Oliver’s Fish and Chips, and Jasmin is also the owner of Rendang and Rice, also a Feast It supplier.


How do I get paid?

Once a customer confirms a booking by making payment, the funds are safely held in a holding account, until the event is complete.⁣ After the event, you'll need to send an invoice to Feast It and then we'll release payment to you on the following Tuesday or Thursday. ⁣ ⁣ Read more here: https://feastit.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/64000192754-how-do-i-get-paid-⁣ ⁣

Can I amend a quote after the customer has booked?

Yes, if you need to make a change, like add extra portions, simply submit another quote to the customer for extra cost/portions.  If the customer wishes to reduce guests/portions, please contact our team with your new cost and we can manually add this quote and arrange a part refund if required.

Can my quote price be higher than the customer's budget?

You'll notice that some customers indicate that their budget is flexible, others won't. Don't be put off - on average, customers spend 15% more than they say they will and on some occasions, significantly more! We curate our suppliers to create truly memorable events, and to attract high-quality customers, but as is human nature people are always looking for a good deal. This does sometimes lead to customers underestimating the cost of booking suppliers for events. 

How do the most successful suppliers use the Feast It platform?

1. They quote. A lot. We found that on average it takes between 10-15 quotes per month to win one booking. This varies slightly depending on geography, vertical and type of offering, but the most booked suppliers are submitting in excess of 250 quotes a month.  2.  They’re flexible with their filters There's a benefit to experimenting with filters in the 'Open events' section of your dashboard. Customers don’t always have a clear budget in mind, and on average spend 15% more than their stated budget. Our top suppliers are a bit more lenient initially and do a really good job of guiding customers towards realistic expectations.