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Street Food Birmingham | 10 Of The Best Street Eats

The home of the Peaky Blinders, Julie Walters and some ridiculously delicious grub. Whether you're a local, a visitor or an admirer from afar, you can't deny that the Birmingham street food scene is having somewhat of a renaissance.

Want a slice of the pie? Here’s our 10 top of the best street food eateries in Birmingham, the undeniable heart of the mouthwatering Midlands!

Yardbirds Chicken

Fresh outta the streets of Harlem and across the pond to Brum is Yardbirds' ridiculously good soul food. From loaded fries to buttermilk fried chicken, you’ll be singing star spangled banner and praising the presence of these guys on the Birmingham street food circuit. For a cluckin’ great treat, you definitely need to try their ‘Dirty Clucker’: imagine fried chicken, smoked streaky bacon, Yardbird’s own cheese sauce, tangy pickles, iceberg lettuce and lashings of mayo.


To find out more about Yardbirds Chicken including their example menus and how to book them, take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.

Fat Snags

Woof. If you fancy a hotdog after traipsing around the Bullring, look no further. Fat Snags are a thing of legend, specialising in delicious gourmet dogs that use handcrafted meat from Brummie sausage stalwarts, A.W.Lashfords. Ask a local, they’re a big deal. Their dogs are cooked up on an open flame in local beer meaning the finished product is juicy as hell with a crispy-snap skin - 10/10 from us.


Want to learn more about Fat Snags? Take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.

The Grub Shed

Homegrown Herefordshire spuds in all their glory. And the toppings? Well. The Grub Shed really outdo themselves. Imagine skin-on loaded fries topped with smoked cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, garlic sour cream and fresh chives. Or if cheese isn’t your thing, why not go for their moreish mexican mix, crispy fries lathered in homemade salsa, garlic sour cream, smashed avocado, fresh chives and fresh chillies…

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To book The Grub Shed for your next celebration, check out their Feast It profile HERE.

TGDG (Tastes Good Does Good)

Mouth-watering food & equally good ethics! During their 5 years, TGDG FOOD has always stuck to a simple philosophy; tasty, high quality food and morals that go above and beyond.

They serve incredible street food in the West Midlands and always give back to their local community, with 5% of profits going to feeding the homeless.

TGDG's Fried Battered Chicken Burger is the one to watch for us, completely delicious!

TGDG - Tastes Good Does Good

For taste bud sensations beyond belief, take a look at TGDG HERE.

The Pork Society

The Pork Society is an independent family run Brummie business, providing restaurant quality pork dishes from a vintage caravan - yes please. Think hog roast, think BBQ, think all the best bits of a summer barbecue in a B-postcode without your dad with his top off. The Confit Pork Belly is a thing of dreams: melt in the mouth pork belly with sweet potato mash, pickled ginger and passion fruit dressing or roasted new potatoes, chorizo, peas and black olive tapenade.


To find out more about The Pork Society including their example menus and how to book them, take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.


Pietanic was born from a pie-pe dream (sorry) that became a reality in 2015 and they can now be found anywhere from street food events to festivals and weddings. They also have residencies at Digbeth Dining Club and Scoff Street Food, which are Birmingham’s best street food events. Their aim is to always execute their mission to PURVEY THE PIE. For the record: we condone this message.

Claude at DDC

Want to learn more about Pietanic? Take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.

Sticky Beaks

Sticky Beaks specialise in hand-shredded, slow-roasted, mouth-watering meats - what Birmingham street food is all about. They use ingredients and flavours inspired by cuisines from around the world to help make their unique and totally delicious sandwiches, wraps and salads. It’s no surprise to hear that Sticky Beaks can often be found catering to the stars at Pinewood Studios and further, they’ve been ranked at number 3 in Buzzfeed’s London Cheap Eats list.

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Urban Cheesecake

Urban Cheesecake’s aim is to share their love, passion and greed for all things cheesecake! The idea was born in 2015 by skilled pastry chef brothers, Tony and Ash, who have been pushing the boundaries of cheesecake art and flavour ever since. Their toppings are a chocoholic’s heaven as they pile on Mini Eggs, Aeros, Crunchies and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups before being slathered in homemade sauces.


To book Urban Cheesecake for your next celebration, check out their Feast It profile HERE.

Yo Dough Brum

Picture this: truly decadent cookie dough balls, lightly battered and deep-fried for a crisp finish, filled with caramel chunks, chocolate chips and crispy bits topped with crushed biscuit, popcorn, fresh cream and anything else imaginable. Yo Dough Brum's menu caters for everybody and doesn’t compromise on taste at all. Their cookie dough and batter boasts a dairy and egg free base as standard and have a range of toppings and sauces to suit special dietary requirements! Cheers guys!

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To find out more about Yo Dough Brum including their example menus and how to book them, take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.


SIFT – or Sweet & Indulgent French Toast - is taking eggy bread to glorious new heights. Brioche French toast melts in the mouth and their toppings will tick all your most stringent dessert requirements. Each portion is made to order, with fresh double cream, special custard recipe and brioche, topped with inspiring homemade treats of all kinds. We can’t decide which tickles our taste buds more, Lemon Meringue or Banoffee… Thank you Birmingham.

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For taste bud sensations beyond belief, take a look at SIFT HERE.

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