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5 Reasons to become a Feast It F&B supplier

1. Extra revenue

How you choose to work with us is completely up to you. Some of our suppliers use us as their sole source of income, others to supplement a healthy amount of bookings they've achieved already whilst some want an extra revenue stream to help scale.

Take a look at some examples below:

supplier case study - cheeky burger JPEG.001 supplier case study - beetle juice JPEG.001 Supplier Case Study - smoky gaucho JPEG.001

2. Work with top brands

One of the primary resons our suppliers stick with us is the chance to work with some super cool names. We've had the likes of George Clooney book for a film set, Disney book for office parties and a number of suppliers also get the chance to work at events like Glastonbury and London Pride. The list is honestly endless...check it out:

Feast It brand partners

3. Marketing done for you

We've spoken to enough suppliers to understand that running your business is super demanding, time is scarce and nailing marketing is time consuming and expensive.

Whilst you have your regular means of securing bookings diversifying lead generation is always healthy for business. It's not just our marketing team but also our business development department and major events team that combined drive up to 2000 enquiries a month (and counting) into the platform.


4. Less admin

Now we can't speak for everyone here but one thing we've learnt from speaking to our supply base is the amount of admin involved in securing an event. Multiple back and forths between emails, numerous phone calls and sometimes even a lack of certainty until the very last minute.

Our platform is designed for the purpose of helping connect you to people who need you. That means:

  • Profiles to sell yourself
  • In-platform communication
  • Access to 1000s of bookings in 1 place
  • A secure environment to manage bookings and take payment.

5. It's free to give it a try

This is an important one. The first question most suppliers ask us is "okay, but how much does it all cost". To break it down:

  • No fee to join the platform and get set up.
  • No fee to start quoting for enquiries.
  • No fee to communicate with customers when they want to ask questions.

Being completely transparent, we charge a comission fee (also known as a partner service fee) on top of the booking. This is to cover the cost of all the above mentioned marketing and work we do to keep our platform up, running and healthy.

If you want to become a supplier, it is super quick and easy. Just head to the link below, fill in the form and we'll be in touch:

Become A Feast It Supplier

Alternatively you can speak directly to our supply team on 0203 905 7439