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6 suppliers to take your wedding to the next level

When it comes to a wedding day, you have your core suppliers. These are the ones that you absolutely couldn't do without such as the caterer, the marquee supplier, the staff, the florist, etc.

However, wedding days are all about embellishment and it's the small touches that can elevate a day from good to phenomenal. Here we run through a few suppliers, from Prosecco vans to oyster carts, that you might want to get along to your special day to provide the icing on the cake and ensure that your guests are talking about it for years to come.

Booja Booja - Vegan ice cream

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An absolutely spectacular Piaggio truck serving delicious vegan ice cream, Booja Booja provide a stunning set piece for your special day that your guests will love.

Based around Bristol they have been making their famous ice cream since 1999 and in 2017 River, the daughter of Mr Booja Booja himself, decided to create the Piaggio which they affectionately refer to as Pinkie.

You can enquire about Pinkie's availability here.

Wilton's Oyster Barrow


When it comes to the suppliers we work with, we'd be very surprised if there were any older than Wilton's. Founded in 1742 by George William Wilton as a lone oysterman operating his barrow in London's Haymarket, the Wilton family are still going over 250 years later and ensuring their ancestor's legacy by serving up the very best oysters at weddings across the country.

The oysters are served out of their spectacular carts that look stunning and are served with lemon in a traditional way.

You can enquire about Wilton's availability here.

Flour Power Pizza Parlour


Even if you're having a main caterer coming in to provide a sit-down meal for your guests, there's nothing the quite matches the sight of pizza truck rolling up to serve later on the evening. Your guests will go absolutely crazy for it and the pizza itself will help the party keep going.

Flour Power's truck is absolutely stunning and founders Simon and Rebecca both undertook extensive training in Florence to prepare for their launch. They hand-prepare their toppings with as much love as they have for the dough, sourcing from a handful of chosen local suppliers and when the weather allows, using the very best seasonal and foraged Cornish ingredients.

You can enquire after them here.

Bubble Bros


If you're happy to make the Champagne reception a Prosecco reception, there could no more entertaining way of doing it than getting the spectacular Bubble Bros along.

They serve up delicious, chilled Prosecco from their stunning Piaggio van. The layout of the bar means that they can either provide someone to serve it for your guests or your guests can pour it themselves.

You can enquire about their availability here.

Lola's Vintage Ice Cream


If you're looking for a more traditional ice cream van to bring out the giddiness of your guests, you should look no further than Lola's Vintage Ice Cream.

They serve utterly delicious, traditional ice cream, sorbets and cakes from the van, which was born in the 1970's. They are more than happy to create custom flavours for you or put a customer sign naming the flavours after special guests at the wedding or anything you like.

Enquire after them here.

Gondola Raclette


The perfect wedding addition for any ski fans out there, Gondola Raclette serve gourmet raclette out of, well you guessed it, a gondola lift.

Heritage potatoes, meats and baguettes all smothered in an avalanche of cheese, what more could you want?

Enquire after them here.