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7 of the hottest new food trends you NEED to try this summer

With Brits constantly seeking out new cuisines and flavours, keeping track of what’s hot - and what’s not - on the food scene can be tricky.

2018 was the year of South American food, plant-based dishes and booze-free beverages, so what will we be tantalising our taste buds with this year? Our foodie experts know a thing or two about what will be on the hottest menus this summer, and how and where we’ll be eating it. Stay one step ahead of the curve with our predictions!

1. Coral food

2019 looks bright and beautiful, and it's reflected in the food fashions we’re seeing. Plates of positivity are set to be served up this summer, with the colour coral taking centre stage. Vogue has claimed coral as the trend-shade of the time, with Pantone even naming it as 2019’s Colour Of The Year.

Orange, gold and rose tones are said to appeal to both the sweet and savoury parts of our palate in a rather delicious double-whammy. You need look no further than Instagram for confirmation of coral foodie fever. Our feed has been full of lobster, salmon, pickled ginger, grapefruit, macaroons, ice cream and rambutan to name but a few coral-coloured treats. If you want to throw a stylish event this summer, coral has to have a place at the table.

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2. Sri Lankan food

Summer's looking spicy in 2019, with Sri Lankan cuisine set to be one of the hottest trends this year. Once overshadowed by the allure of an Indian curry, lighter options such as rotis, hoppers and pol sambol are becoming the next sought after spice fix. More and more restaurants and street food traders are popping up across the UK. Kura Kura for example, create incredibly authentic, aromatic Sri Lankan dishes with their own roasted and ground spice blends.


3. Ditching eating out, for eating in

Ever fancied eating Nobu’s food at your birthday party? Well now you can. With out brand new restaurant catering service, you can now choose from a selection of 50 of London’s best restaurants, private chefs and supper clubs to offer high quality, sit-down and canapé catering, whatever your venue - including your own home!

From the Michelin-starred Pied à Terre, to the world-famous Nobu, you can now devise a one-of-a-kind menu, with dishes from London’s most sought after eateries. From tailored food menus to stylish tableware, it’s a unique offering that provides a bespoke service with a flourish of theatricality.


4. Switching up the spritz

Last summer was all about Aperol, but in 2019 the iconic spritz is being truly shaken up. Why not try Aperol's Mediterranean cousin, an alternative spritz which embraces the the French elderflower liqueur, St Germain?

The beauty of the spritz is its simplicity and versatility, meaning you really can experiment with whatever your favourite flavour may be. Drinks traders such as Midsummer Nightcap are cottoning on to the trend too, giving you the option to create your very own bespoke tipples and indeed, your very own spritz!


5. Dumplings

The restaurants and street food scene has been dosed in dough as of late with dumplings proving very popular with diners. The days of just one meat and one veggie gyoza are a thing of the past, with chefs experimenting with endless, exciting flavour combinations. Feast It has seen a 42% rise in customers after dumpling dishes in 2019 so far and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Dumplings aren’t getting dumped this year, that’s for sure.


6. Little or No Alcohol

Now this might seem like a surprise, but with the clean eating trend rapidly rising, mocktails and non-alcoholic bevvies are only set to become even more popular this summer. With our data showing a 63% rise in non-alcoholic supplier queries in the last 6 months, it looks like the drinks forecast is actually looking quite dry this year. Don’t be fooled into thinking the only options are fizzy pop and fruit juice. Independent producers are constantly innovating and experimenting with flavour-packed mocktails, meaning tee-totallers are now faced with just as much choice as anyone going for the stronger option.

Craft punch producer, PUNCHY drinks, are the perfect example of modern day mixologists, catering to the increasing number of non-drinkers. Their rigorous flavour experimentation experimenting with flavours led to the creation of the world’s first and (almost) identical twin punches: with and without alcohol. This trailblazing 0% and 4% abv Spiced Rum Punch in a bottle means drinkers can choose to either embrace or avoid the hangover - without feeling like their missing out.


7. Recyclable Packaging

David Attenborough has said it once this year, and if that's not enough for you, we'll say it again: it's absolutely critical that we start to take better care of the world we live in.

What and how we eat has a huge impact on the environment. Fortunately, more and more restaurants and street food traders are making it easier for us all to do our bit by using 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging and ditching plastic altogether.

Freewheelin’ Pizza is a great example, packing up their tasty wood-fired pizzas in completely recycled boxes. Karma Cans deliver their healthy, balanced dishes to workplaces, abiding by their ethos ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. Their dishes are delivered by bike in one container, with no cutlery, napkins or bag. The packaging they do use is all compostable or recyclable.

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Feeling inspired to have a party complete with this year’s on trend dishes?

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