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A game of cones

Summer is almost upon us so we're thinking about our caterers that are just perfect for garden parties, summer weddings or simply for cooling down the office on a hot day! From bespoke cocktails whipped up in retro VW Camper, to grilled swordfish burgers served from a nautical caravan, we've got it all! As the sun finally comes out over the city, the Feast It team are all about ice cream, so here are some of our favourite mobile ice cream caterers...

Jack’s Gelato, Cambridgeshire

Jack’s Gelato make small batch, homemade gelato in a wild variety of flavours and serve it from a vintage Pashley ice cream tricycle.

Jack’s flavours are so ingenious that it’s really hard to pick which one we love the most! Our top 3 are… Quince & Hibiscus, Gin, Apple & Elderflower and Salted Balsamic Caramel.

Jack's Gelato

Sliced Ice, Bath

Sliced Ice specialise in custom made rolled ice cream, a phenomenon that originated on the streets of Thailand and is now sweeping the rest of the world!

We love the 'Salty Sort'… an indulgent choice made with Crunchie, salted caramel and pretzels.

Sliced Ice

Happy Endings, London

Happy Endings make ice cream sandwiches for adults… playful desserts in a range of unexpectedly sophisticated flavours!

We love the 'Negroni'... blood orange Negroni and white chocolate parfait in a chocolate biscuit with Peruvian cocoa nibs, fancy!

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Blu Top Ice Cream, London

Blu Top Ice Cream make some of the capital’s most exquisite ice cream sandwiches. Homemade artisanal ice cream, gentled pressed between two soft-baked cookies, served from a blue Piaggio van called 'Barbara'.

We love the original 'Blu Top Ice Cream Sandwich'… vanilla bean ice cream between 2 brown butter chocolate chip cookies dunked in milk chocolate chips.

Blu Top Ice Cream

Gelatology, London

Gelatology make incredibly authentic Italian gelato a little closer to home, handcrafted with a winning combination of science and a total passion for ice cream!

We love the 'Pimm’s & Lemonade'... a refreshing gelato made with Pimm’s no.1, lemonade and mint.


Lickalix, London

Lickalix homemake their organic, natural and 100% fruit ice lollies and serve them from a VW Camper called 'Kenny'! All their lollies are vegan, gluten free, lactose free and dairy free and they also make delicious poptails, like Strawberry Mojito and Kahlua Kick.

We love the tropical 'Caribbean Twist'… made with 100% pineapple, mango and passionfruit.


Sorbitium Ices, London

Sorbitium Ices make natural ice cream, sorbets, granitas and sherbets using seasonal produce and serve them from a mint and white vintage Citroen HY van. Their flavours are really exciting and they have spring, summer, autumn and winter menus!

We love their unusual but magnificent Olive Oil & Pine Nut ice cream, which is served with a decadent fudge sauce.


The Ice Cream Box, Bristol

The Ice Cream Box is run by sisters Jess and Helen, who sell some of the creamiest natural ice cream we’ve tried, from 100% natural ingredients and local milk. This is West Country ice cream on wheels in the most tantalising selection of classic and inventive flavours!

We love a combination of their blueberry cheesecake and lemon curd ice creams.

The Ice Cream Box

iRoll, London

iRoll specialise in bespoke rolled artisan ice cream made right before your eyes using fresh cream and a choice of tempting toppings like digestive biscuits, Irish cream, baklava and dark chocolate.

We love the classic Eton Mess iRoll, made with fresh British strawberries, crumbly meringue and topped with a strawberry sauce... summer in a tub!


These are just a few of the delightfully summery caterers that you can book with us for your wedding, party or corporate event. From craft beer taps on the side of an ex-military Land Rover Defender, to tasty Turkish cuisine cooked on a Mangal grill inside a 1987 Mercedes ambulance, the country's best and most unique caterers are at your fingertips with Feast It! If you've been inspired, get the ball rolling and make an enquiry.