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Holy crêpe! An interview with Karolis Sideravičius

With Christmas party bookings flooding in and the festive season creeping up on us, we thought it was the perfect time to speak to one of our French-inspired pastry caterers, Bam Bam Crêpe. Fuelled by Nutella and fresh fruit, but also whipping up a mouthwatering savoury menu, Karolis and his team are masters of batter and really know their way around a Krampouz grill. Wanting to try making your own crêpes at home? Karolis even shares his top crêpe-making tip!


Who are you and where do you come from?
My name is Karolis Sideravičius and I was born in Lithuania, hence the name! My ‘decent’ English comes from the fact that I basically grew up in London, moving here when I was 4.

When and where was Bam Bam Crêpe created?
Bam Bam Crêpe was create in October 2016 in Starbucks Cambridge, to be precise. It was a cup of cappuccino, a blank notepad and a few fun hours.


What gave you the idea to start Bam Bam Crêpe?
Having previously worked in the catering industry and actually loving it, the logical step was to set up my own brand and catering company, which identified with my own image. The product ‘crêpe’ was a favourite of mine and my now wife’s. We used to not only go and eat them regularly at various places, but used to make them at home more than most people would. We’d experiment with different fillings and cooking methods just for fun. It was something we both really enjoyed doing together.


Who makes up your team?
The team is a great mix of different personalities and backgrounds. I oversee the running of the company and am active at most events. My wife, Jasmine, is the event coordinator and email guru. For our ‘crêpe masters’, I tend to book friends who are professionals in the catering industry, whenever they are available. They love to help out and always come to the events with a smile on their faces. Their backgrounds vary from working as head chefs and sous chefs, to waiters from restaurants ranging from Byron Burger to Rosette Star restaurants such as Sheene Mill.


Can you tell us about how you created your brand?
So over my cappuccino back in 2016, I created the brand which I wanted to identify with myself. I wanted it to be approachable, fun and very different to others selling the same product. I wanted it to be a little less traditional and more rustic modern. I love to party and enjoy attending events and visiting bars, so I wanted Bam Bam Crêpe to be like that. The layout of our stall with the grass turf replicates a festival environment. The black ron used to show off our fresh fruit and the rustic hooks and boards reflect a company that’s constantly on the road form one event to another party. I want the image to reflect a company that’s alive and fun, not sterile.


What are the 3 most important Bam Bam Crêpe values?
*Fun - we encourage happiness, from our small team to our customers. Life needs to be enjoyed and our crêpes make it that much more enjoyable.
Fresh - our batter is always made fresh with natural ingredients. It takes a while but makes all the difference. The fruit we use is chosen carefully to not only look amazing, but to be juicy and fresh to taste.
Fair - we price our crêpes fairly and give a fair amount of fillings. We only skimp when you ask for less filling, otherwise you’ll get more than a generous portion of filling inside your crêpe!*


Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?
Bam Bam Crêpe has turned from a hobby/project to my full time occupation. I wouldn’t call it a job as it doesn’t feel like it. I look forward to every event as if I was attending as a guest. I always try to get Bam Bam Crêpe into bigger and better events and grow it, so in a sense I do consider myself an entrepreneur.

For a reader that might be thinking of starting their own street food venture, what were the first 3 steps of getting your business set up?
*Desire - whatever business venture you start, you need to have desire and a genuine want to do it. Finance - Finance was an important ingredient because we wanted to have the best catering equipment to really enjoy making our crêpes. Each piece of design and image branding costs money. To fully enjoy building up a desired image, finance is crucial. Dedication - For at least the first 12 months I worked 7 day weeks in order to build up the profile of Bam Bam Crêpe. It took time and a lot of dedication to get it where it is today.*


What kind of events do you cater?
We cater for a wide variety of events, from private birthday parties at gorgeous stately homes, to the Cambridge May Ball, where we served 900 crêpes in one evening. A favourite of ours was an outdoor cinema events with 2,500 people. That was great fun!

Can you tell us a little bit about your menu?
We like to keep our menu quite simple and compact with a few specials at any given time. With us being mobile and wanting to keep our ingredients fresh, our menu is maybe more compact than that of a restaurant, so we try to have the tastiest and most popular crêpes on offer. We currently have 8 sweet and 3 savoury crêpe choices. Of course we have the classic Lemon & Sugar - we layer each side with plenty of lemon juice and sugar for a refreshing taste. We have Nutella jars galore on our display, so you can enjoy anything from fresh strawberries, bananas, Oreos or marshmallows with Nutella.


That all important question - what’s your favourite crêpe?
My favourite item from our menu is savoury. I’m a big foodie and our Pulled Pork & Spring Onion crêpe gets me every time. I also like to add a little mozzarella and cheddar to complete this amazing crêpe, which I’ve had many, many times.

Do you have any crêpe-making secrets you’d be able to share with us?
No! Just kidding. One very important thing when making crêpes, either professionally on a Krampouz grill, or at home on a frying pan, is oiling. You need to make sure you always have a very even and small amount of oil coating the surface to stop your crêpe from sticking and ripping.


What is your favourite thing to eat that isn’t a delicious crêpe?
It would have to be a medium rare rib eye steak with fries and peppercorn sauce. I like how simple yet tasty this dish is and it’s been a favourite of mine for a long time.


Thank you so much to Karolis for speaking to us about his fantastic street food business! Craving a crêpe now? Bam Bam Crêpe regularly update their social media, posting when and where they can be found, so follow them today to keep up to date. You can book Bam Bam Crêpe for weddings, parties and corporate events, so make an enquiry before they get snapped up. Got an event coming up but not quite sure what you’re looking for? Get a competitive quote today by filling out our simple enquiry form - it only takes a few minutes!