Feast It


Tips To Boost Your Business

The Feast It customer service team deal with customer enquiries all day long - they've got the inside scoop on what's most important to customers and how you can boost your business for 2019.

## Indoor menu ## We get lots of enquiries for indoor events, particuarly during the colder months. If you don't already, consider developing your menu to also offer indoor options. Make sure you always let us know of any changes to your menu so we can make sure they're reflected on your profile!

Gimme a sign ##

Make sure you shout about what you do - whether you have a truck, van, market stall or something else, make your signage big and clear to tell everyone exactly who you are and what you do. Competition can be high at larger, public facing events where there may be 20+ traders so make sure people can see at a glance what you're offering.

## Alcohol Licence ## A lot of our customers would like a food caterer who can also serve some basic alcohol. It doesn't have to be fancy cocktails or anything complex - although plenty of customers book mobile bars for these! - an alcohol licence and some bottled beers and fizz can make a huge difference to securing a booking.

## Brag, brag, brag ## If you've worked with some awesome clients or really cool events, shout about it! On your profile and in messages to prospective clients, tell them all the incredible events you've catered for . If you ever have updates you'd like to make to your profile, just let us know at [email protected] and we'll sort it out. Competition is stiff so it's important to show your best side.

## Feast It Community ## If you haven't already, join the Feast It Traders Facebook group. We often post last minute bookings and trader perks in there and it's a great place to interact with other traders too!

## Dietary requirements ## If you can cater for all dietary requirements, make sure it's clear when you speak to client. Check that it's mentioned on your profile and reiterate what you can do to clients when you message them. You may think it goes without saying but it's worth spelling out exactly what you can do.

## Sell yourself ## When you submit your menu to Feast It upon sign up, take some time to write tantalizing descriptions, rather than just "beef burger" or "fish and chips", bring your food to life with a wordy description. Our Account Managers use your menus to sell you to the client and you'll put yourself a cut above the rest if your menu gets their mouth watering from the get go.

## Be responsive ## Customers almost always want to find out more about you before confirming a booking. Our data shows that messaging is a really important step in the booking process for customers. Bookings almost never go through without at least a couple of messages back and forth so keep an eye out and use the opportunity to sell yourself!