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Feast It feature: brand activations to get people talking

Feast It was approached by student engagement company Native to help raise awareness of their brand and spread the word across the UK about all the cool things they're doing - so we wrapped ice cream vans with their branding and got this activation off the ground!

native 1234

Free ice cream!

Native approached us wanting a fully wrapped ice cream van to travel round freshers' fairs in the UK and hand out free ice creams to all the students. What better way to get students on your side than a freebie in week one?!

native 5 (1)

Native wanted 12,000 ice creams distributed from one of our suppliers across a number of university campuses in the same week. So we curated the supplier, branded them up and ensured it all went smoothly so the Native team didn't have to worry. Travelling around in the multi-coloured van, with the slogan 'Free ice cream? You bet' embossed on the side, it's safe to say they got some good exposure, with its name spread far and wide amongst UK students.

native 3

The van also created hype on Instagram, its multi-coloured exterior making it very snappable!

Got an activation in mind?

All in all, we loved working on this campaign and Native were very pleased with the results. If you've got a brand activation in mind, why not head here and check out what we can do for you!

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