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Where to carb up at the Hackney Half Marathon

The final countdown to Virgin Sport’s Hackney Half Marathon has officially begun! There’s only a couple of days and a few dynamic stretches to go before the big race day on Sunday. But did you know that Virgin Sport is actually throwing a 3-day Festival of Fitness this year? Whether you’re running yourself, taking part in fitness classes or heckling from the sidelines, you’re going to need to carb up!

Best known for the Hackney Half Marathon which will take place on Sunday, this year the Hackney Festival of Fitness is extending the good times over an epic three days of sport, fitness, and food! Why not start your weekend with a pre-race warm-up session and a cinema screening on Friday evening, or head over on Saturday for a day of fitness fun, entertainment and Feast It’s delicious food line up!? You can find out more about the event - from timings to events - HERE.

We’re extremely excited to be supplying some street food royalty at Hackney Festival of Fitness this year to serve the hungry masses across the festival village. Take a look below at some of the best eats in show this weekend - look for the knife and fork on the map to find us!

village-map-v2 (2)

Le Swine

Le Swine serve straight from their beautiful Austin Morris 1960's ambulance, supplying emergency bacon butties for early morning sideline fans or a post-race snack for victorious competitors! Who can resist a bacon butty on the weekend?


To find out more about Le Swine including their example menus and how to book them, take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.

Nanny Bills

Inspired by founder Darren’s very own Nanny Bill, these guys have been feeding the food-savvy patrons of East London food market Night Tales for quite some time. Their signature croquettes mean business - for a true East London favourite, you can’t miss their pea, mint and feta balls!

Nanny Bills (1).jjpg

Want to learn more about Nanny Bills? Take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.

Kurbside Kitchen

Kurbside Kitchen’s quite frankly delicious gourmet hot dogs specialise in German frankfurters with gourmet toppings. They’re made with high-quality beef, pork, chorizo or tofu and are served inside a fluffy brioche sub, baked daily by their local artisan baker. You’ll smash your PB racing to the finish line to grab one of these dogs, guaranteed.

Kurbside Kitchen

To book Kurbside Kitchen for your next celebration, check out their Feast It profile HERE.


A true crowd-pleaser with a twist - enter the kings of loaded street fries! Expect only the finest spuds, double-fried for the perfect crunch to fluffy ratio. With toppings like chorizo, goat’s cheese and paprika to pulled pork and sour cream, you really can’t go wrong with Poptata.


For taste bud sensations beyond belief, take a look at Poptata on Feast It HERE.


Who says healthy food has to be boring? Nuff are out to show that healthy treats can be just as glorious as their junk food cousins! Healthy milkshakes? Guilt-free s’mores brownies!? You heard it here first - get your post-race (no refined) sugar levels back up without feeling like your cheating!


To find out more about NUFF including their example menus and how to book them, take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.

Routes Coffee

Early mornings can be tough - you’re bound to need a caffeine fix before you get your sweat on. Routes Coffee have driven across the world in their beautiful 1989 Bedford Rascal and picked up all the tricks of the trade from coffee bean farmers, distributors, roasters and baristas along the way. You're in safe hands with these coffee aficionados!

Routes Coffee

If you want to learn more about Routes Coffee, take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.

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