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How to eat and drink your way out of a Christmas party hangover

If the office Christmas party got out of hand and you’re struggling at your desk, we’ve got some great tips and dishes to showcase from our delicious vendors and get you through the day. From freshly baked chocolate-mousse-filled doughnuts, to outrageously filthy burgers, these are the dishes to cure even the most hellish headache. Stop googling ‘how to cure a hangover’ and head out to pick up one of these tasty treats… culinary salvation worth salivating over.

Coffee by Perky Blenders

First things first, you’re going to need coffee. With over 15 locations across London, Perky Blenders are speciality grade coffee roasters who are guaranteed to satisfy your caffeine cravings with a sumptuous steaming cup of freshly hand-roasted joe. Most of their beans are hand-picked in Africa and South America to ensure their excellent quality. We spoke to a Perky Blender about her favourite, the Forest Blend, which has a rich flavour and subtle hints of orange and hazelnut. Pop down to one of the many cafes that serve their coffee and even pick up a bag to take home.

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Breakfast by The Breakfast Club

Once the caffeine has kicked in, a big old brekky is the essential next step on your hangover menu. The Breakfast Club has 11 permanent locations, including Oxford and Brighton, so non-Londoners listen up. With a lively 70s cafe vibe, these guys are bound to put a smile on even the most tired of faces, and the food is pretty great too! The Full Monty is the quintessential fry up, guaranteed to make you feel sober enough to face the office. All the usual suspects are here, including fried potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, sausage, black pudding, beans, and of course, the all important egg (known for it’s hangover-healing qualities).

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Lunch by Black Bear Burger

When you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, sometimes you just need to get your hands on something outrageously juicy for your hungover lunch, so we have the perfect solution for you. Considered by many to be London’s best burger, Black Bear Burger, are based in Shoreditch’s Boxpark. What they serve up is dangerously delicious, dripping with cheese, loaded with beef and bacon and sandwiched between a locally baked brioche bun. With fries cooked in beef dripping, homemade onion jam and garlic mayonnaise on every burger, and boisterous flavour, this isn’t a meal for the faint-hearted. Don’t tell us that just looking at their photo doesn’t make your mouth water and your tummy let out a little groan.

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Afternoon tea by Crosstown Doughnuts

As the day drags on, your energy levels are most likely starting to dip, so what you need is something comforting, circular, and sugary. The reputation of Crosstown Doughnuts speaks for itself, and with 10 locations sprinkled across London, it’s not hard to get your fix. If you like your doughnuts still warm then look no further - Crosstown bake sourdough doughnuts fresh every single day and use the highest quality ingredients to make their various fruity fillings and tempting toppings. For the ultimate indulgent chocolate experience, we recommend picking up their Chocolate Truffle doughnut (a.k.a. a hug in a box). It’s crammed with truffle mousse and topped with dark chocolate ganache and shavings.

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Post-work drink by Five Points Brewing Co

The Five Points Brewing Co are an independant London brewery that make wonderfully flavoursome craft beer, that has the added benefits of being unfiltered and unpasteurised. The operation is run from their brewery beneath Hackney Downs station, which you can visit for a tour. These guys really focus on being honest, sustainable, and a part of the Hackney community… the result - great beer! Their original brew is the Five Points Pale and there are now seven beers in the core range, available all year round. In addition to these beers, they brew a series of seasonal specials, which includes Hook Island Red, London Smoke, and Brick Field Brown, each wonderfully distinctive in flavour and body. Plenty of pubs in London sell Five Points, so get yourself to back to the boozer and complete your hangover in style.

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Dinner by Savage Salads

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the day, but there’s one last place to visit before you go home and crawl into bed. Admittedly, after a fry up, a burger, a doughnut, and a beer, you might be craving something fresh and crunchy - a little health kick to fuel your body with nutrients. Savage Salads make fantastically wholesome and beautifully bright salads that are packed with protein, and won’t leave you feeling hungry. Lentils, butternut squash, couscous, sundried tomatoes, cauliflower, red rice and plenty more nourishing ingredients can be topped with halloumi, chicken breast or Angus steak, grilled before your eyes. With stalls in Flat Iron Square, Berwick Street Market or Strutton Ground Victoria, there’s plenty of opportunity to incorporate one of their bountiful boxes into your working day.


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