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5 Tips To Make Your Corporate Christmas Party Unforgettable

Here at Feast It, like most people, we're big on Christmas! However, we do get that for some people it's become a lot more stressful than necessary and especially those charged with creating a winter wonderland for staff and team members every year. So, we've put together this list of top tips to ease your mind and take some of the pressure off your shoulders!


1- Secret Santa!

Whether you're 4 or 40, everybody loves Father Christmas. So, why not get your team excited prior to the event and organise a Secret Santa! Even for those grinches who say they don't like Father Christmas, pretty much everyone likes to receive a gift. This can be the pre-party warm-up, or you can have a revealing ceremony on the evening, whatever suits you best. Secret Santa is cheap, simple and funny, and a really good way of putting people in high spirits (or embarrassing your colleague by gifting them something hideous they then feel obliged to wear on the night, it's up to you...). Whether you're ging for jokey presents or sweet ones, cap it at a tenner and get everyone involved to get the Christmas spirit flowing.


2- Bespoke Menus

It might sound trivial, but bespoke menus always go down a storm with party-goers. We find people tend not to consider them because they expect them to be expensive, but this doesn't always have to be the case! Bespoke menus show your employees you've really gone the extra mile to entertain them and haven't just done the bare minimum. They're also fun and interactive to get people talking and break the ice between teams if needs be. Our suppliers love creating bespoke food as well, so why not get both the menus and the munch personalised and get the team spirit flowing.

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3- Wonderful Winter Suppliers

Getting the food and drink right is essential, and again will prove to your co-workers that you've really put some effort in this year! Luckily for you, we've got lots of the best suppliers near you to choose from. We also only work with people who bring a bit of something extra - serving from a range of converted horse boxes, old taxi cabs, VW Campersvans and many more cool set-ups - so rest assured that you're in safe hands if you book one of our suppliers.


4- Decorations

Decorations are such a huge part of Christmas that it would silly to throw a Christmas party without them, and the bigger you go on the decs, the better the party will be. Decorations are an immediate hit to the senses that will put people in the right mood and make them really feel in the festive spirit. Again, this doesn't need to be expensive, but try to avoid too much tacky stuff, as decorations can quickly become overwhelming if they're chosen without care. Go for lots of string lights, some tasteful wreaths and maybe a bauble or two!


5- Get a photobooth!

Because it's Christmas time, so why not! Photobooths may not be reinventing the party wheel, but they're a dead cert to bring people together and make people smile! A photobooth adds an extra element to your Christmas party and means people will have a reminder of the evening for weeks to come.

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