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Feast It's Christmas special dishes 2017

Embark on a street food journey this December with these scrumptious Christmas specials from The Calzone Kitchen, Gelatology, Pulled, Wafflestick, The Travelling Tikki, and Wannapull. With flavours to fire up your holiday spirit and get you excited for the big day of pigs in blankets and Lindor Balls, these dishes are wonderfully hearty and uplifting.

The Calzone Kitchen

The Calzone Kitchen have come up trumps this Christmas with their Festive Roast Calzone. A Christmas dinner on a pizza, folded into a gravy soaked parcel, crammed with rich roast turkey, herby stuffing, and crispy honey roasted veg, all served with cranberry sauce. Feast It spoke to Graeme from The Calzone Kitchen about his yummy Yuletide invention…

‘We’ve tried some fairly outrageous recipes before, but putting a Christmas dinner in a calzone has to be up there with our bravest. It sounds strange, but when you sink your teeth into it, Christmas day memories come flooding back…’

The Calzone Kitchen is a pop up stall, but they also have a permanent dwelling in Milton Keynes where you can eat in or takeaway. Why not book The Calzone Kitchen for your next event, to keep guests happy with the ultimate crowd pleaser.

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Whoever said ice-cream wasn’t appropriate for winter? This season Gelatology have blessed gelato fans everywhere with their Panettone edition. The flavour is called Adalgisa after the legend of an Italian nobleman who fell in love with a woman and baked the first ever Panettone to impress her father (as you do). This dairy delight is made using actual chunks of sweet bread and dried fruits, with a light coffee dusting. Feast It spoke to Sandro from Gelatology about their brand new gelato…

‘We spent a lot of time developing our gelato version of this quintessential Christmas treat. Our goal was to preserve as much of the original flavour and zest as possible while making it cosy and inviting, even in winter.’

You can find these guys at Camden Market Stables, from Thursday to Sunday. Book Gelatology for your next event to wow your guests with their unbelievably inventive and enticing range of flavours.

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Slow roasted, astoundingly tender, and exploding with flavour, Pulled produce hand-pulled beef brisket, chicken and pork, sandwiched between gently grilled golden brioche buns, accompanied by homemade sauces and refreshing slaws. Inspired by tastes of Mexico, India, Spain, the USA and many more, Pulled have a fantastic menu that’s great for both private parties and corporate events. They even have pulled barbecued jackfruit for the veggies. As December brings in the cold weather, Pulled are keeping their fans warm with their special, ‘A Christmas Cracker’. This Christmas dinner bun comes with slow roasted pulled turkey, sausage meat, fragrant stuffing, crispy kale, tiny roasties and the all important cranberry sauce. We spoke to Damian from Pulled about this cracking festive dish…

‘Well basically, the whole Christmas turkey special is centred around me wanting to try and create that perfect last mouthful of Christmas dinner in every bite… the bite where you have a little bit of all the best flavours!’

Why not book Pulled for your next event and spread the Christmas cheer with prestigious pulled meats?

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If you want freshly baked Belgian waffles covered with a range of sauces and toppings, from fudge bites to fresh strawberries, and everything in between, then look no further than the Instagram-worthy Wafflestick! After the incredible success of their ‘Brownie Madness’ and ‘Lotus Biscoffy’ best-sellers, Wafflestick have brought out three mouthwatering and utterly tempting Christmas specials on a stick to get you in the festive spirit.

Feeling the cold? Get cosy with the Salted Caramel Crunch, dripping with hot toffee sauce and sprinkled with salted caramel chips. Those who enjoy the traditional British flavours should try the Spiced Apple Crumble… cinnamon infused apple chunks and biscuit crumble, drizzled with hot toffee. If you’re looking for the ultimate indulgent waffly treat, give the Gingerbread Crush a go… crushed gingerbread with white Belgian chocolate.

Wafflestick not only taste delicious, they look fantastic too, so could be the perfect catering solution for your birthday party or corporate event. You can book them now on our website using our super-quick booking system!

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The Travelling Tikki

When it comes to authentic Indian flavours, The Travelling Tikki is the heart and soul. Parul creates lovingly handmade street food and canapes using the freshest of ingredients and her very own spice blends. The stall serves up Indian toasties, naan wraps, Tikki baps and rice boxes. This Christmas however, The Travelling Tikki has gone all sweet, and created a delicate menu of ‘festive bakes with a touch of India’. Enjoy unbelievably moist chocolate brownies with a punchy cardamom flavour… chilli chocolate truffles made from decadent ganache and rolled in cocoa… fresh, chunky and citrusy lemon and saffron cookies… and finally, cookies infused with ginger and orange zest, and finished with a sprinkle of cinnamon. These delightful treats come in gift boxes tied up with twine, so are a lovely gift to take to a Christmas party.

Parul and her team can whip up creative wholesome Indian fare for almost any event, and can also be found at street food and farmer’s markets in London. If you value authenticity and entrancing flavour, book The Travelling Tikki for your next event.

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Want soft succulent pulled meats? Want organic buttery toasted brioche buns? Want inventive jams, sauces and pestos? Then it’s pretty clear that you Wannapull. Masters of pulled pork, beef, chicken and lamb, Chris and Adam use only fresh local market produce for their ever-changing menu, which is accompanied by side options of refreshing seasonal salad and fragrant rosemary fries. This Christmas, Wannapull have two great seasonal dishes - the WannaDuck consists of crispy onion, confit yolk, and red cabbage ketchup smothered over pulled duck, and the StuffedBird, which is particularly festive, consists of chestnut stuffing, kale pesto and cranberry jam, with moist pulled turkey taking centre stage.

Wannapull are popping up all over the place this winter and locations can be found on their website. Fill your guests with pulled-meat goodness at your next event and book Wannapull now.

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We provide hundreds of fabulous street food traders for all sorts of events, from sweet sixteenths to corporate functions, so browse through them on our website and find the perfect one for you. Feeling inspired by our traders’ Christmas specials? Book now for your Christmas party!