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Wedding restrictions

COVID wedding updates

Weddings were one of the most affected areas in the government's update yesterday, on June 14th. Firstly, the good news - large weddings are now able to go ahead from June 21st.

However, there are some regulations that you'll need to abide by if your wedding is taking place between June 21st and July 19th. Read on for everything you need to know.

Ultimately, guest numbers will be dictated by a venues ability to socially distance everyone in attendance. If you're confused by any measures, you can book a wedding consultation with our expert Natasha who will be happy to talk you through everything. Click here to book.

The Prime Minister has said there would be a review of the data at the end of June to consider a possible lifting of restrictions on July 5th.

What will be allowed at weddings from June 21st?

  • Unlimited attendees at wedding ceremonies and receptions, provided that guests can be accommodated in a COVID-secure, socially distanced way. Marquees will count as outdoor spaces, provided they have two sides raised for ventilation.

  • Musical entertainment is permitted with a group of up to six performers allowed inside and up to 30 performers allowed outdoors

  • The wedding couple’s first dance is allowed to take place indoors

  • Speeches are permitted, with government guidance saying that these should occur outdoors or in a well-ventilated area where possible. Public address systems like microphones are preferable to raised voices.

  • The cutting of the cake may take place indoors

  • Guestbooks and camera stations are permitted, but contact should be minimised, with hand sanitisation stations encouraged before and after use

What is advised against?

  • Dancing indoors is not permitted, but the government is also advising against dancing outdoors

  • Communal singing, including hymns, is advised against

  • Cash donations are not advised, with online giving recommended instead

  • Reusable service booklets and devotional materials are also advised against

What is not allowed?

  • Stand up drinks receptions at outdoor or indoor wedding receptions

  • Indoor dancing

What protocols have to be followed?

  • Face masks have to be worn indoors during wedding ceremonies and receptions, except when eating and drinking

  • Table service is mandatory for food and drink, with no more than six guests per table

  • Risk assessments are mandatory for all wedding venues, as well as guests celebrating on private land if more than 30 people are attending

N.B. The following applies to weddings in England only.