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5 top tips from the best in the game at creating corporate parties

We know that planning corporate get-togethers can be a daunting prospect, whether you're trying to throw the best in-house summer party, or a drinks party for your most important clients. Here's our list of tips to help you handle the pressure of corporate entertaining!

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1- Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme is the best place to start when organising an event and an easy way to get your employees excited (announcing the theme is also a fool-proof way to get those invites out early so that you've got people locked in!). Themes are fun, interactive and help you with decorations, menus, outfits and much more - you can aways throw in a prize for best costume to incentivise those members of the team who might not be so keen on dressing up. Good costumes also lead to more photos being taken, meaning your event will be documented and shared!


2- Location, location, location...

The venue you pick for your party is key and when hosting parties for teams it's usually fun to take them out the office for an evening. Luckily for you, we're experts at finding epic locations and our portfolio of partner venues are pretty awesome. Whether you're looking for a dry hire venue in East London or country house hotel in Oxfordshire, we'll definitely be able to sort something that fits your event. Check out some of partner venues here.


3- Photographer: Make sure your hard work is documented!

It might sound obvious, but hiring a photographer is the best way to make sure your event is remembered - also everyone loves to pose for a picture now and then (especially after a couple of glasses of wine...). Ensuring you have a professional photographer there takes your event to the next level, and we can guarantee that if you try to rely on yourself to take good pics, you'll either forget or kick yourself scrolling through your pictures for not having hired in a professional! In short, high quality photos represent a high quality event, so check out our top photographers here and get booking!


4- Food for thought

Food is key at any event and we're particular fans of going that extra mile to give you and your guests an especially memorable evening. A bespoke menu never disapoints and it could be just the ticket to impress your employees, as a sign of how far you've gone to create an amazing evening. We're also experts at wrapping food trucks, so why not get your company's name and logo in the background of those oh-so-important photos and really impress people.


5- Drinks !

Delicious drinks are an essential - whether that's artisan coffee, non-alcoholic coolers or hand-crafted cocktails, you've got to get it right and it doesn't have to break the bank. Great drinks will get the conversation flowing, make sure people stick around and result in a host of compliments! It's certainly an area to devote some thought to and luckily for you, we have some of the UK's coolest drinks suppliers...

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