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Delicious, decadent desserts

From the silkiest gelato served from a retro tricycle and the capital’s naughtiest brownies, to Dutch-inspired mini pancakes and authentic French crepes whipped up inside a vintage Citroen van, we’ve got the sweetest selection of dessert caterers to provide the perfect accompaniment to your wedding, birthday party or corporate event! We’ve put together a list of the 8 most tempting, so if you’re not watching your waistline and just want to have a jolly good, sugar-induced time at your next event, check out these caterers…

Yo Dough Brum

Possibly one of the most decadent dessert concepts on the Feast It platform, Yo Dough Brum have taken cookie dough to a whole new level… by deep-frying it! Their balls of cookie dough are packed with chocolate chips and caramel chunks, which are all oozy and melty when you bite into them through the battered coating. You can order your cookie dough balls with a whole range of toppings, from crushed biscuits to popcorn!

Feast It’s ultimate combo: ThaiAngle, Beetle Juice & Yo Dough Brum.

Yo Dough2

Yo Dough

Urban Cheesecake

Handcrafted, award-winning cheesecakes in the most epically decadent form, brought to you by Urban Cheesecake. This yellow and grey cheesecake-dispensing horsebox is run by brothers, pastry chefs and cheesecake artists, Ash and Tony. We love their family recipe cheesecake with sea salted caramel sauce and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!

Feast It’s ultimate party combo: Rolling Dough, The Pickled Pony & Urban Cheesecake.

IMG 0281 (1)

Love Churros

If you want the freshest, tastiest churros covered in hot melted Belgian chocolate, we’d like to introduce Love Churros! The churro experts behind this business travelled around Europe to create and perfect their top secret recipe and now serve their mouthwatering Spanish treats from a lovely little grey horsebox.

Feast It’s ultimate combo: The Bearded Taco, Mojito Mavericks & Love Churros.

Love Churros-7591


If you’re from the Leeds and Manchester area, and you want artisanal gourmet donuts, made fresh every day by, Doh'hut is the perfect patisserie solution for your next event! Each donut is lovingly made by Tom and filled with your choice of Nutella chocolate ganache, raspberry jam or creme patisserie, and topped with salted caramel or hot chocolate sauce, homemade honeycomb, mini marshmallows, Flake, nuts and plenty more! We love his ingenious Mr Whippy donut.

Feast It’s ultimate combo: The Dilla Deli, Deviant and Dandy & Doh'hut.



Sliced Ice

One of our favourite rolled ice cream caterers here at Feast It, Sliced Ice have been inspired by the Thai street food sensation that they saw on their travels around South East Asia. They make their customised ice cream on the spot in front of you, creating quite the spectacle! We love their Orange Is The New Black, made with Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Jaffa Cakes and popping candy, and their S’mores-Berry with fresh strawberries, shortbread, nutella and toasted marshmallows.

Feast It’s ultimate combo: Rad Burger, Hop Stuff Brewery & Sliced Ice.

Sliced Ice-42 (1)

Bad Brownie

Many people know Bad Brownie by reputation and Feast It can confirm that they are some of the gooiest, most glorious chocolate brownies we’ve ever tasted! They’ve been selling their brazen brownies at markets since 2013 and now you can book them to cater your event and delight your guests. We love their classic Triple Chocolate brownie and for a little extra debauchery, their Maple and Bacon Brownie is a rollercoaster of flavour!

Feast It’s ultimate combo: Curry Leaf Cafe, Honestfolk & Bad Brownie.

Bad Brownie2

Blu Top Ice Cream

Known for their beautiful little blue Piaggio van, called Barbara, Blu Top Ice Cream hand make their quirky ice cream sandwiches using homemade (and award-winning) artisan ice cream and soft-baked American-style cookies. The Southern Ice Cream Sandwich is one of our favourites, consisting of raspberry shortcake ice cream between two double chocolate cookies with dark choc chips. They’re an awesome party treat and are one of our most Instagrammable desserts!

Feast It’s ultimate combo: Big Apple Hot Dogs, Fabulously Fizzy & Blu Top Ice Cream.

Blu Top

Blu Top2

Waffle On

Considered by many (and the Evening Standard) to be ‘London’s Best Waffle’, Waffle On are complete masters of the ultimate comfort food! Their fluffy buttermilk waffles are made fresh at your event and come with a choice of temping sweet and savoury toppings. Our sweet choice is the Apple Strudel Waffle, and for savoury it’s got to be their Slow Roasted Duck Waffle with plum sauce!

Feast It’s ultimate combo: Savage Salads, Jim & Tonic & Waffle On.

Waffle On

Can’t get enough chocolate? The Hotel Chocolat Chocmobile serve some of the best hot chocolate and shakes on wheels, and The Chocolate Cocktail Club make their creative cocktails using Baileys, salted caramel, white chocolate and more! These are just a few of our dessert caterers, there’s plenty more to browse through, as well as every savoury cuisine imaginable and an extensive collection of mobile bars. Tell us about your event today by filling out our simple enquiry form, it only takes a few minutes!