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What is a dry hire venue?

Dry hire, Wet hire, Flexible hire... what does it all mean? What are the benefits of dry hire over wet? We've got the lowdown on venue hire and are sharing it all with you here! Night Tales

What is a dry hire venue?

A dry hire venue is when you just hire the space, without any of the extras like catering, lighting, furniture or staff. You're literally hiring the space as a blank canvas for you to fill.

Some venues will only be available as a dry hire, whilst others offer wet hire options too, where all the extras are included in the price.

What are the benefits of a dry hire venue?

The beauty of dry hire is that everything is up to you. You can bring in your own catering, AV equipment, decorations, entertainment and staff, rather than being limited to the options or preferred suppliers the venue provide. This means you can really put your own stamp on your event and make it completely unique. Wet hire venues can sometimes feel like a bit of an 'event factory', offering people options A,B or C to choose from, rather than allowing event organisers to create the event of their dreams.

Dry hire is a great way to save money - you can choose your own suppliers that match your budget and spend money in areas that are most important to you. If you'd rather put more of your budget towards incredible food, and less on decorations, that's all your decision to make!

Where do I find a dry hire venue?

You're in exactly the right place! Feast It works with a selection of the best venues in the UK. We've got everything from intimate spaces for small weddings, to sprawling venues for large corporate events. All of them are the perfect blank canvas for you to bring your Pinterest board to life - and we're here to help fill in the other details like food, drink, photography, floristry and more. Just tell us a little about your event and we'll get to work matching you with the perfect suppliers for your event.