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How to book the right staff for your next event

However carefully you plan your event, be it a corporate occasion or the wedding of your dreams, the success of your event will largely depend on the crew you hire to staff your big day, and how they interact and engage with your guests.

It’s an often overlooked element of event planning, but by paying close attention to the staff you hire, you can ensure you’re working with a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing your guests with a memorable and positive experience that lasts long after the event is over.

If you’re looking for friendly servers, talented mixologists or even a team of cleaners to tidy up post-event, then read on to discover our tips to hiring top-rated event professionals.

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Build a team of professionals

Before you plan your team, it’s essential to decide upon the framework of your event. By determining the timings, venue and number of guests up front, you’ll have a clear picture of the areas which need to be staffed and by how many people.

We advise thinking carefully about the type of event staff you hire and the skills you want from them. By deciding if you need bar staff, caterers or a host to welcome guests, your staffing supplier can create a team that ticks all the boxes to give your special occasion the ‘wow’ factor.

Hire a crew that’s bang on brand

If you’re hosting a corporate event, it’s essential to hire staff that represents your brand. The personnel who interact with your guests are the face of your company, so keep this in mind when selecting staff to ensure they project a positive image of your brand.

You’ll want your audience to connect with your brand, so hire events staff that your guests relate to. By considering the demographics of your audience and hiring staff with similar personalities, your team will be better placed to understand what makes the audience tick and how to give them an engaging and memorable service.

Give staff a thorough briefing

Even experienced events staff will need guidance from you so they can understand how you'd like your event to run. Every event is different and it’s the personal touches that can turn a good event into a fabulous one. Be prepared for your hired staff to ask questions, they'll want to understand your vision of the event so they can deliver for you. Their reputation is on the line and they’ll want to work with you again so will want to fully understand their responsibilities.

Taking the time to create a brief that your staff can read though will help to minimise the number of questions they may have. Better still, call a short meeting with your staff before the event so that all queries can be ironed out and everyone understands your expectations.

For a larger function or a big wedding, it’s worthwhile investing in a supervisor to take on the management of the staff, who can act as a single point of contact for all staffing questions and issues and leave you free to work on the rest of your to-do list!

The power of perks

It’s expected that your event staff will have strong experience of party planning, decision-making skills and a positive can-do attitude. But have you considered that there may be little extras they could bring to the table?

Take a product launch event for example, by giving your staff a little bit of background knowledge of the products, they can impress and educate your guests as they perform their duties. It’s these little perks that experienced corporate events staff provide that can make your event a real talking point.

Consider hiring an Master of Ceremonies

Whilst you might think that asking the CEO to host your company’s awards ceremony is the right thing to do, the truth is it does put a lot of responsibility onto that person’s shoulders. Your CEO’s time would be better spent networking with the guests and not trying to deliver a witty speech.

By hiring an MC, they will ensure the event runs like clockwork – and can even introduce the CEO onto the stage to deliver the key company information or a short presentation, without placing all the hosting duties upon them. The same advice is true for a wedding. A Master of Ceremonies will ensure the timetable for your big day runs smoothly. They can announce the entrance of the happy couple, gather everyone together for the cutting of the cake and encourage everyone onto the dancefloor.

We’ve got your staffing covered

Feast It has a proven track record in connecting event planners with high-quality staff. Our team only partner with the most professional staffing agencies in the UK, to ensure that all the staff you choose to build your team are top-rated and excellent in their field.

Tell us a little about your event and we’ll provide no-obligation quotes, friendly advice and ultimately, the perfect staff that are handpicked for your unique requirements.