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Every May, The Bike Shed Festival welcomes motorcyclists from all over to Tobacco Dock in London, exhibiting bikes alongside live music and retailers. We supplied the food and drinks for 2018 and 2019!

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The Bike Shed's festival spans an entire weekend, and we were tasked with keeping the 16,000 guests fed and happy for the entire event. We rose to the occasion, sourcing ten street-food suppliers, two dessert suppliers, and two coffee supppliers to keep everyone satisfied. Food options ranged from steak and chips, to meatballs and Mexican, meaning the only hardship for festival-goers was making that tough choice between a taco and a burger. Luckily for them, all our suppliers were there across the weekend, so they had plenty of time to try all the different cuisines on offer!


Our events team were on-hand on the day, and helped with everything from start to finish, working closely with the venue, Tobacco Dock, to ensure any food preparation restrictions were adhered to by all suppliers. We handlded it all, including supplier payments and all logistical planning, so that The Bike Shed team could focus on other important elements of the show. We had a member of our trusted events team on site all weekend to make sure that if there were any problems, they were dealt with smoothly and efficiently.


Data Driven

Off the back of our success in supplying the festival in 2018, we were confident in our ability to make the offering even stronger for 2019. This was supported by our studying of the data colleted from the previous year's festival, to gague which suppliers and cuisines were most popular with attendees. We were able to learn and adapt from 2018 to improve the food offering in 2019 that best suited the audience, which resulted in a 30% increase in sales.


We're looking forward to working with Bike Shed again in the future and can't wait for our next event with them.