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Protect Plus

Feast It Protect Plus - Explained

It can happen that on very rare occasions a supplier is forced to pull out of an event due to unforeseen circumstances, be it an equipment malfunction, a personal situation arising or something else.

These occurances are very rare, however the reality is that they can happen and be highly disruptive to an event. That's why we launched Protect Plus.

Protect Plus is an optional upgrade that you can purchase from Feast It on top of your supplier booking. Purchasing it ensures that in the exceptional scenario that your supplier is forced to drop out of your event, Feast It will guarantee to find a suitable replacement and make sure that the event can go ahead as planned.

Protect Plus costs 5% of the overall booking value and means that our team will be on hand to make every effort to actively seek out relevant replacements from our 1000+ strong supplier base. We are experts when it comes to knowing which of our supply base could be available at short notice, or who would be willing to travel to make it to the event so are well placed to identify a high quality replacement.

Further, if this means that the new supplier ends up being more expensive than the previous one, we'll cover the cost up to 10% of the value of the original value and if you are not happy with the replacement that we find, we'll provide a full refund plus an extra £75 refund.

We understand that organising events can come with a lot of pressure, and the aim of Protect Plus is to put your mind at rest that all will run very smoothly on the day.