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Feast It's BBQ bites

Here at Feast It we’re excited about Spring and all that but really what gets our pulses racing is that fact that it means that glorious, glorious Summer is fast approaching which means one thing, time to whack out the BBQ!

Now it’s 2017 and finally it seems like people are cottoning onto the idea that food doesn’t have to be terrible anymore (it’s taken us Brits decades!) so, if you’re fed up of chewing on gristly, burnt sausages and praying that the chicken was cooked through, fear no more, Feast It have put together some of our favourite summertime BBQ flings, all bookable for your big party!

Prairie Fire BBQ


These dudes are bringing the meat-strewn streets of Kansas City to London and it’s about bloody time! Nothing but big bold badass flavours in this super cool joint; only a desire for big flavour and a huge appetite necessary.

PFB have absolutely perfected their perfectly cooked smokey meats and you’ll be licking your lips as soon as you smell the bbq aromas, and what better way to wash it all down with than some good old fashioned beer pong! Book them for your event right here.

Howard's Meat Co Feast-It-Catering-BBQ-Sticky-Beaks

Howard’s Meat Co. are a BBQ company on a meat-inspired mission: to bring the wood-smoked meats of the Southern States straight to your event. Lets face it, these guys make even the most seasoned garden griller look like a complete novice. Their main man Josh not only makes barbecuing look effortlessly cool with his fully custom smoker but also dishes up some of the most succulent espresso brown sugar ribs out there. They’ll certainly put our burnt stacks to shame! Get them along to your next party right here

Sticky Beaks

These guys specialise in hand shredded, slow-roasted, mouth-watering meats served up in delicious sandwiches, wraps and salads, all lathered in in a smoky, sweet and spicy homemade sauce. It’s probably fair to assume that your average Joe doesn't put as much love into cooking meat as the amazing Steve and Laura do. The lemongrass pulled pork is cooked up to a whopping ten hours and is melt in your mouth delicious; book them right here

Spit & Roast

Feast-It-Spit-and-Roast-BBQ-Catering Spit & Roast are rotisserie meat geniuses serving up unfussy classics out of their wonderful truck ‘Bessie’. The brilliant (and rather dapper) founders Justin and Ross were inspired by the rotisserie vans found throughout the beautiful street markets of France, Spain and Italy. We cant promise you they’ll bring the sunshine but Spit & Roast will more than make up for it on the flavour front! Get them along to your next party here

White Men Can’t Jerk


White Men Can’t Jerk are cooking up a storm and are bossing their way right to the top of the London street food scene. They pride themselves on bold, bold, bold flavours and seriously feel good vibes. When you get a sniff of their amazing jerk chicken and chips you’ll realise that there are some in life far, far more important than the summer bod. We guarantee the naughtiness is worth every mouthful! Book them for your next office party right here

To find out more about hiring a street food truck for your event, head over here!