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Britain's food waste warriors

Food waste is a chronic issue facing the UK. In 2015 we wasted a staggering 7.3 million tonnes of food, which incidentally cost us £13 billion. Out of that 7.3 million tonnes, 4.4 million was totally avoidable, unnecessary waste. It cannot be avoided anymore. There are millions of starving people around the world and with populations in every country rapidly growing, something needs to be done. Luckily some people are already there and making a difference, creating pioneering and innovative solutions to food waste and finding solutions to a problem that is spiralling out of control. These men and women are the silver lining of an otherwise reckless planet, and by turning excess food into creative products, running zero waste restaurants and creative apps and websites for redistributing surplus food, they are doing everything they can to repair the damage.

Food waste apps


Their motto is ‘rescue food’ and that’s exactly what they’re helping people do, with the use of a nifty app. Karma began in Sweden and now is available in the UK, with over 1000 restaurants, cafes and supermarkets that post their excess food at a discounted price, ready for rescuing. Your profile will display how many kilograms of food you have personally rescued and how many kilograms less of CO2 you’ve saved.
### OLIO Join ‘the food sharing revolution’ with OLIO, an app that connects communities and neighbours with local shops so that they can share their excess food, rather than throwing it away. Over 450,000 items of food have so far been saved with OLIO and that number is growing, so join the 300,000 other people using the app and do your part to help reduce global food waste!

Did you know that 40% of British crops are discarded because of their size or shape?

Introducing the people turning surplus food into unwastable goodness…


Sweet and savoury hummus in the most delicious flavours, made from raw excess veg by ChicP! Not only are Hannah and her team fighting food waste, they are also promoting health and nutrition with their incredibly wholesome hummus. With fantastic flavours like beetroot, horseradish and sage, and carrot, ginger and turmeric, join them in the fight, armed with a wonky carrot stick for dipping. You can also book ChicP on Feast It for event catering! ChicP ## Rubies In The Rubble Rubies In The Rubble make delicious relishes, sauces and chutneys from fresh fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have been unnecessarily thrown away. From pink onion and chilli relish to blueberry BBQ sauce, you can buy their brilliant products online and at selected supermarkets around the UK.

Rubies in the Rubble
## Snact ‘Join the fight with every bite’ with Snact, who make their fruit jerky and banana bars by hand from fresh produce about to be thrown away, rescued at wholesale markets. All their packaging is made from home compostable packaging, the first we’ve seen of this in the UK.

## Toast Ale 24 million slices of bread are thrown away every single day in the UK… that’s 44% of all bread produce just chucked in the bin. Toast did the obvious thing and started making their craft lagers, IPAs and pale ales out of excess bread! So far, they’ve saved over 9000 kgs of bread and brewed over 100,000 litres of beer. Their profits go to Feedback, an environmental charity who are aiming to halve food waste by 2025.

## Get Wonky ‘Give wonky fruit a chance’ says Get Wonky, who make tasty bottled juices from unwanted fruit, mainly apples. Did you know that 4 million apples are thrown away every day? Their juices are totally free from gluten and additives and their bottles are 100% recyclable glass.

Get Wonky

Did you know that roughly 870,000 children in England go to bed hungry every night because their parents cannot feed them?

Introducing the food waste charities…


FareShare is the largest food redistribution charity in the UK, having saved over 13,500 tonnes of surplus food to date, redistributing it to almost 7,000 charities and community groups across the country. These communities turn the surplus food that FareShare receives into breakfast clubs for children, day clubs for older people, domestic violence refuges, homeless shelters and drug and alcohol rehab units. In 2017 they provided enough food for 28.6 million meals, helping to feed nearly half a million people!
## The Felix Project The Felix Project runs a door-to-door collection service for excess food to deliver it to charities, in turn providing 1 million meals a year for those in need.
## The Real Junk Food Project The concept was created in 2013 by one innovative man in Leeds, but today The Real Junk Food Project has 125 real junk food cafes and sharehouses around the world. Their warehouse in Leeds alone can see up to 10 tonnes of food every day come through it’s doors, which is redistributed around the UK. Find your nearest cafe today to help end food waste!
## FoodCloud FoodCloud connects supermarkets with over 7000 charities via an app, to notify them when there is surplus food ripe for rescuing. The charities pick up the food to create meals or redistribute it to those going hungry. In the UK and Ireland so far, they’ve helped give 27 million meals, which is over 12,000 tonnes of food!

Want to do your bit but still enjoy eating out?

Introducing the zero waste restaurants…

Gourmet Goat, Rochester Walk, SE1

Gourmet Goat

Farmacy, Westbourne Grove, W2


Tienda Roosteria, Curtain Road, EC2A

Tienda Roosteria

Cub, Hoxton Street, N1


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