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How to pose for the perfect photos

Your special event is almost here and whether it’s your wedding or a party you’ve been planning, we’re sure you've invested a great deal of time (and money) to make sure your big day runs like clockwork.

But while the drinks, the dresses and the photographer have all been carefully selected, how much thought have you given to the party or wedding photos themselves? Unless you’re an A-list celebrity, it’s perfectly natural to be nervous if all the camera lenses are pointing your way. But the good news is that we know a whole host of tips and tricks to help ease your nerves and feel fabulous in every photo.


Trust your photographer

Browse and chat to several event photographers and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. You can learn a lot about a photographer by viewing their previous work to find one whose style matches the results you want to achieve. Event photography is a real art and checking the social media and reviews of your photographer are also important ways to gauge if they have lots of happy customers.

We’d also recommend a meeting with your photographer well in advance of the nuptials or event to see if you have a good rapport with them. Another popular way to see how your wedding photography might look is to book a pre-wedding shoot. You can decide between formal and candid styles, practice your poses and get a feel for what to expect on the big day itself.

Practice your posture

Rock your posture with confidence. If you're naturally shy, this might be tricky so it’s worthwhile spending a little time practising your poses in front of the mirror before the big day. Try not to slouch – instead stand up straight (imagine a string running the length of your spine pulling you upwards) and try to relax with your arms loosely by your side.

If you're not sure what to do with your hands, grab a prop! Holding a glass of champagne or a clutch bag will give you something to do with your hands and stop you feeling and looking self-conscious.

Ditch the negative body language. If your hands are clasped in front of your body, you'll look defensive. Instead, stand with one foot slightly at an angle to the other, tilt your head a touch to one side and smile for picture perfection.

Capture natural moments

Not all the photography on your special day has to be formally posed. Some of the best event shots we see are the ones where the guests are caught off-guard.

A candid style of photography works particularly well with any young children as they tend not to be at their best when being made to stand still for a formal pose. Most children we know however, will still stand still for a short time if the promise of an extra slice of cake is on offer!

Access all areas

This is a great idea for a corporate party that can really tell the story of your event. From empty venue shots to images of the live band and dancefloor, every photo tells a story and it’s important to give your photographer access to all areas (even those behind the scenes – which work really well on social media) to add colour to your event.

Prep your photographer

Ahead of the event, give your photographer a detailed brief so they understand who or what is the focus of the photos. Our post on questions to ask your photographer is a great place to start. Admittedly, at a wedding it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the bride and groom are the stars of the show, but at a birthday bash it’s important to point out the guest of honour to your photographer so all the key moments are captured.

It you’re hosting a corporate event then lavish some attention of shots of the venue and theming which can be used in promotional material post-party. And of course, all the attendees will want to see themselves in their finery, so talk to your photographer about arrival shots against a branded backdrop.

Say cheese and smile

Nothing is more attractive than a genuine smile, but it’s easy to lapse into a forced grin if you are posing for shot after shot.

For a smile that reaches your eyes and plays to the camera, think happy thoughts and let yourself laugh out loud to create a vibrant, fun natural image. For a more formal photo, slipping your tongue behind your teeth will help to relax your mouth into a flattering and natural smile.

Don’t miss a moment

Ask any bride or groom and they will tell you that their special day went past in a blink of an eye. However hard you try to drink in every special second, there will be moments you miss.

By investing in the services of a pro photographer to document your day you’ll have a precious record of all the important moments to treasure forever.

We’d love to hear more about your photography wish list so we can connect you with our handpicked photographers. We only select the most experienced shutterbugs to partner with us, to give you the peace of mind that your special day will be professionally persevered on film so you can relive the happy memories again and again.