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Carbon neutral

Why we launched the event industry’s first carbon offsetting product

Team Feast It couldn't be prouder to announce the launch of the events industry’s first custom built carbon calculator and offsetting tool, in partnership with Ecologi.

The product lets people organising events, from weddings to corporate away days, calculate their emissions by answering just four quick questions, and instantly offset their carbon footprint by funding key projects in the fight against the climate crisis. You can see more about and offset your event here.

Here our founders Hugo Campbell and Digby Vollrath talk about why this was such an important initiative for Feast It and a vital step forward for the events industry.

Events are where we create memories that last a lifetime, they are where a lot of us had our first kiss, where we saw our best friend’s first dance and where we stayed up all night with the people we love the most.

It might not feel like it right now, but sooner rather than later events will be back, bigger, bolder and more beautiful than ever.

But events can also come with a cost to the environment.

Sam's wedding

Our mission has always been to help anyone create the perfect event, simply. But over the last year, as we saw wildfires rage from Australia to LA, and a fifth of countries risk ecosystem collapse, we appreciate more than ever that our responsibility is also to let anyone create greener, carbon negative events, simply.

Coming together to celebrate is central to the human experience and events are undoubtedly a vital part of our emotional and mental wellbeing. But we couldn’t shy away from the duty to step up and help move the events industry forward.

That's why we've created our industry-first carbon offsetting tool; to enable people to throw events in the knowledge they're helping to play their part in the battle against the climate crisis.

Of course we know that carbon offsetting is not a perfect solution in isolation, and for us it’s just one more big step in a longer term ambition to let everyone throw the best parties imaginable that are still kind to the planet.

The carbon calculator means that by answering four quick questions you instantly create an estimate of your event’s environmental footprint, and then can make it carbon negative by supporting some of the world’s most important projects in the fight against the climate crisis. We wanted to build a tool that is as accurate as possible, whilst also removing the biggest stumbling block that prevents people from offsetting - the lengthy process and paperwork.

We’re more than happy to hold our hands up and say this is not our area of expertise. So to ensure we’d be working with the best estimates possible and with the most effective projects, we’ve partnered with offsetting platform Ecologi. They ensure that your money will go to projects which have the greatest possible impact, such as combatting deforestation in the Amazon, reforesting Madagascar and generating solar energy in India. They’re an amazing business that enable you to really easily offset other aspects of your life.

Ecologi Project

We heard of Ecologi through their work in supporting replanting the Kijabe region of Kenya, as we both have strong connections to the country. Digby grew up four hours north in Nanyuki and Hugo’s dad grew up in Nairobi and we’ve both spent a large period of our childhoods together in the very ecosystem, wildlife and environment that Ecologi is fighting to protect. When speaking to them further it became clear that they were the right partner for Feast It due to their inspiring portfolio of projects and the integrity of their purpose.

We know we still have a long way to go, but we couldn't be prouder to partner with them in this next milestone of our mission to help change events for the better.

Hugo & Digby