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Venue Partner Q&A: Huntsham Court

As part of our venue partner Q&A series, we caught up with Jennifer from the events team at the stunning Huntsham Court, to find out more about the venue and the options it offers to its guests. If you'd like to find out more about Huntsham Court, you can contact Abi on [email protected]

 Huntsham Court Wedding

How far in advance would you recommend booking Huntsham Court?

We normally see couples booking around 1-2 years in advance. Most couples start their wedding venue search early on in their engagement which is a sensible approach, as it gives them plenty of time then to start getting into details like suppliers for areas like catering.

This year, we have seen a record number of enquiries and bookings, which is wonderful given the last 2 years we have all been through. It is so uplifting to see couples looking ahead to the future and planning for their special day with family and friends around them.

How do you prepare for a wedding?

From an event manager's perspective, it is all about the couple and their state of mind. The aim is to make sure they feel cool and calm, with all information having been dealt with ahead of their arrival. The hope is that they then arrive on the day feeling as relaxed as possible, knowing they are in safe hands.

It is such an emotional time for all involved (yes, the events team will shed a tear on the wedding day when they see the happy couple walk down the aisle!) but we find if the couple feel secure in the pre-planning, it has a knock on effect to the whole event.

Its that age old saying, preparation is key!

What is it you love most about hosting weddings?

The obvious answer here is seeing couples arrive as partners, but leaving as newlyweds. That type of joy never gets old.

However, there are multiple layers to a wedding weekend and you experience so many different high points! Huntsham Court specialises in wedding weekends, running from Friday – Sunday, which brings about a very different atmosphere when the wedding day on Saturday comes around. We love how at home people are from having spent a night here already, so seeing guests wandering around in their PJs, enjoying their breakfast on a sofa in one of the reception rooms or grabbing a bottle of fizz for the wedding suite, with hair half in curlers is always such a happy moment. You know at that point, it is a relaxed vibe and the guests feel completely at home.

It is also being privy to those special, touching moments, like parents' tears when they see their son/daughter in their wedding outfit for the first time, the ‘I love you, you look amazing’ moments just ahead if the wedding party setting off down the aisle and of course, the moment the couple remerge from the ceremony, absolutely beaming, having just said ‘I do!’

Couple at Huntsham Court

What's the most outlandish wedding request you've had?

Being an exclusive use, self-catering venue, couples are able to create the wedding celebration they want.

With this is mind, we see so many different and brilliant things take place! One moment that stands out so far in 2022 was a couple who brought 2 full scale Dance Revolution booths and actually had a dance-off as their first dance! This took place in the Library and just looked incredible with this backdrop.

Incoming this year, we are looking forward to Alpacas in the grounds for the wedding reception, as well as stilt walkers and opera singers.

What do your couples say they love the most about your venue?

Definitely the freedom and flexibility!

This is huge draw for our couples, as they don’t want to compromise on their plans and try to fit into a general package. Couples aren’t tied into packages and there is no corkage on drinks, giving them the freedom to build their event around their personality.

There is also the fact they can have up to 92 of their guests stay on site within our 40 bedrooms. Our venue has great indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces, with no need to make a call on wet weather plans until the day itself.

We have also tried to pre-empt what couples will need, including the use of cutlery, crockery, glassware, linen and tables. Plus, we include things like the use of our cake stands, cake knife, vases and our glorious selection of antique candelabras!

What do YOU love the most about your venue?

That’s hard to answer as there are so many different reasons to love Huntsham Court!

Being set in the Devon countryside means you are continuously surrounded by the most incredible views and setting from Summer to Winter. You don’t actually see the venue until you head up the main drive, so it comes as a real surprise to finally set eyes on this huge, Victorian manor house.

The décor is just stunning, every room has its very own personality. There is Monica with her bright yellow walls, hand painted with birds and butterflies. The main kitchen (pictured below) has a dreamy, stary-sky ceiling which matches with the Dovecote interior. The Great Hall bears memories of its Jacobean predecessor, with its oak panelled walls and parquet flooring. The list is endless here.

The couples the venue attracts who are just incredible! They come with their own unique visions, so every event is such an exciting journey to be a part of. No event is ever the same, which is a credit to the venue and its ethos.

Huntsham Court Kitchen

If you'd like to find out more about Huntsham Court, you can contact Abi on [email protected]