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Feast It feature: in-store retail events

In-store retail events deserve only the best food and drink, and Feast It are experts at making sure everything runs smoothly so that you can kick back and enjoy yourself. We were honoured to work with a high-end fashion brand recently at their Regent Street store, supplying delicious deserts that were a hit with attendees.

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Food ready to go

One of the huge benefits of doing an in-store retail event through Feast It is that our suppliers are experienced at cooking food in advance and bringing it ready to go, so that you don't need to worry about smells or sounds escaping from the kitchen, or even need a kitchen at all! This means no lingering food smells in store, and ensures the speedy out-put of food for any famished guests.



Feast It can also offer branded food items, menus and wrapping, which can be a huge asset to any retail event and really make it mememorable. Whether it's a wall of customised Crosstown Doughnuts or bao buns served with the company logo stamped on top, you really can't go wrong! These also make for instagrammable eats which means word of your event will be spread almost effortlessly.

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Some super in-store suppliers

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Feast and Social catering The Banqueteers Canababes Doggart and Squash Cue Point Catering

All of the above canapé suppliers serve drinks as well, so there's no need for you to book two different suppliers. If you want something a bit different however, we have lots of amazing drinks suppliers whose set-ups look great in a retail environment. For more alternative drinks options, we recommend Beetle Juice and The Rum Runner. And if you're looking for some sweet treats to soften up your guests, our suppliers can serve mini desserts too that are absolutely delicious.

The Rum Runner