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6 ways to incentivise your employees

Sometimes it can seem difficult to keep your employees motivated in the office- here are our top tips to help you out!

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Feast Fridays!

We're great believers in the basic concept that everyone loves good food, your employees included! So why not add some spice to their week and give the whole office a foody treat on a Friday. You could even make it a weekly staple if you really want to push the boat out. A weekly food delivery or lunch for the team on Fridays will almost certainly become everyone's higlight of the week. So why not become the barer of good news with a simple Friday treat to get everyone smiling?!


Spread the love

This might sound obvious, but making an effort on people's birthdays and anniversaries makes all the difference. A cake is always a winner, with a quick sing along as a team, and all in all it only takes about 10 minutes out of your day to make sure your employees feel loved! Putting in a little effort to find out for example, the birthday boy or girl's favourite cake flavour, never goes amiss. Equally as important, is to appreciate milestones in your employees' journeys with your company, whether it's 1 year or 10 it's great to stop and show your appreciation for their work.


Interactive cooking sessions

These have proved very successful in the past amongst our corporate clients and are a great way of bringing people together. We have lots of lovely suppliers who would love to come into your office and take your team through a cooking lesson, with the promise of delicious food at the end, what more could you want?! Some of our suppliers who have done this in the past include Chilli Dogs, Tonbo sushi and Pink Cactus, to name a few!


Shout about their success

A great way to give your team a morale boost is to post about any good work they've done online. Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram are all good platform to promote your company whilst at the same time, naming employees who've done particularly exceptional work. This recognition will drive other team members to strive to be recognised, having a positive snowball effect and creating a good sense of team determination. Shouting about whole departments is a really positive action, inciting feelings of comoradarie between employees.


Treat your team to a trip out of the office!

It's always exciting to get out the office for a bit, and organising a group outing to the pub can go a long way. Whether you spend an evening bowling with your team, or just pop out for a quick round of drinks to congratulate people on good work, it will mean a lot to your colleagues.

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Or alternatively... Bring the bar to the office!

We also have a number of suppliers who are more than happy to come to your office and give the whole team a cocktail making class. This has proved to be an effective way of incentivising people! This is a fun, interactive way to thank your team and people have a great time with the prospect of boozing on cocktails at the end!

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