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Boozy & sustainable: an interview with Humble Crumble

We spoke to Kim Innes, the creator and baker of Humble Crumble, one of the newest dessert caterers to feature on the Feast It booking platform. Our team have tried Kim's crumbles and can safely say that they're some of the best we've had. Humble Crumble could be coming soon to a market near you… keep an eye on the Humble Crumble website to find out where you can get your hands on a crumble or book Kim for your wedding or party today!


“We create gourmet crumbles and we’re debuting with our summer alcohol-infused range. We want you to enjoy the best crumble you’ve ever had and currently, we haven’t had anyone contest this proclamation!”

The menu…

Fizzicle - a prosecco, strawberry, raspberry and apple crumble
Gin Up - a gin, rhubarb and apple crumble
Bright Cider Life - apple cider, apple and cinnamon crumble

### “Baking has always allowed me to be creative in a way that I can’t be with anything else and crumbles have been my speciality.”
We asked Kim how her crumbly dessert venture came about…
“Humble Crumble was created from my love for desserts and feeding them to people. I’ve always had such positive feedback from my crumbles so I kept trying to improve them and find new ways to have exploding flavour. Growing up, I tested them out almost weekly on my family of 7. They go down such a treat as each piece of fruit respond differently to being cooked. Imagine a hot, plump blueberry bursting in your mouth… delicious."

“In a job interview with Ben Davis, owner of Ministry of Startups, a few years prior to setting up Humble Crumble, he asked me if there was a business I’d like to set up, so I told him about my idea. I didn’t get the job but I received a Linkedin message from him later that week offering to help me set up Humble Crumble with access to his commercial kitchen and help finding investors. So, when I finally took the plunge, I contacted him and now we’re set up in a kitchen in Shoreditch.”


So where was the idea for Humble Crumble born?
“The idea has actually been in the back of my mind for many years now, but it was only verbalised while sitting around the dinner table at university. My housemate asked me if there was a business I’d ever want to start and I responded saying that a crumble deli or ‘subway for crumble’ concept always appealed to me. The idea being a small cafe where customers could construct a crumble of their choice with fresh fruit with multiple options of crumble toppings and specials. I thought about setting up in Brighton, the city where I’d just graduated, but I put it on the back burner for a bit and moved to London to work within the food industry and learn skills that I could transfer to Humble Crumble.”

We asked Kim to tell us about how she created her brand…
“I really wanted a brand that developed naturally, reflected by how other people saw it, rather than me forcing what I’d like Humble Crumble to be. That being said, I love minimalism and that definitely comes across in my logo. The simple but aesthetic design is also transferred to my stall, which I spent a lot of time developing. I think this is how we can stand out as a brand, because we’re not trying to shout out what we do, but be good, old fashioned, humble crumbles.”
### “I’m really proud of how my stall has turned out and I get a lot of people coming up to me saying how lovely it looks and how unique the product is.”
Humble Crumble value: sustainability!
“I had many discussions with my old boss about the impact of the food industry on the environment and how wasteful street food is specifically. Humble Crumble uses plant based compostable food packaging, so once you’ve finished your crumble you can just pop it in the food waste bin and it will decompose within 8 weeks. We vacuum pack and freeze our crumble fillings so we’re able to maintain the freshness of the food. Our vacuum pack bags can be boiled safely for up to 120 hours, so we wash and re-use these.”
### “We’ve had rubbish collectors come to our stall at festivals and laugh at our tiny bag of waste.”
Humble Crumble value: quality and flavour!
“Quality and flavour are obviously paramount. Humble Crumble was also set up because of the lack of gourmet crumbles in the market. Supermarkets will use dehydrated fruit within a jelly to keep them preserved. The crumbles are still tasty, but if you want the real deal then you’re either making them yourself or coming to us. Everything in our crumbles is made by hand and although it takes extra time, it’s important for flavour.”
### “Lots of people love the crumble toppings itself and ask me what’s in it. They’re surprised to find out it’s just sugar, flour and butter (sunflower oil in the vegan topping).”
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Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?
“I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and it’s taken me a while to identify as one, but yes. I’ve dabbled in a lot of ventures, selling handmade soaps at Christmas Markets, setting up my own tutoring agency and becoming a fashion blogger. I didn't pursue these further as I found I wasn’t passionate enough about them, however, you can’t stop me from making crumbles!”

What were the first steps of getting Humble Crumble set up?
“The first step was finding the confidence to do it alone and speaking to contacts about how to set up a street food business. The next step was getting into my first market. Lots of markets, especially the London ones, won’t want to try you out if you haven't traded anywhere before, so you have to buy all your equipment and set up your stall to pose as if you’re a regular food trader.”

What has been the highlight of Humble Crumble so far?
“Honestly just seeing people’s reactions to my crumbles. They love the authenticity of the product and seeing their faces as they bite into the crumbles is an image of pure pleasure. I don’t think they even realise the faces they’re making but seeing the genuine happiness they get from my crumbles makes everything worth it.”
### “I really love the prosecco crumble as I’m a big fan of strawberries, raspberries and prosecco. It’s a lovely light and summery combination but also appeases my sweet tooth.”
Do you have any crumble making secrets you’d be able to share with us?
“I can’t give too much away, but I will say that caramelising the apples (cooking them in butter and sugar before the other fruit) really elevates the flavour. If you want a crunchy topping, a good tip is to pre-cook the toppings before putting it on the fruit and baking it in the oven.”

Finally, we had to ask Kim what her favourite thing was to eat that wasn't crumble...
“I’m a proper carb lover and I’ll never say ‘no’ to a spaghetti carbonara!”

A huge thank you to Kim for speaking to us about her crumble business and incredible recipes! You can book Humble Crumble today for weddings, parties, corporate events and festivals.