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How to have the most luxurious wedding catering

Street food isn't all juicy burgers and decadent waffles. It can be delicate, artistic, subtle yet delicious and stunningly presented. These are just a few of our caterers who will bring their own touch of luxury to your special day, whilst keeping your wedding catering unique and fun!



Feast It loves their 'Bubble& Salmon'... classic bubble and squeak topped with a soft poached free-range egg, tarragon and lemon cured salmon, caramelised chorizo, a cucumber pickle and a rich béarnaise sauce. Find out more about Bubble&.

Luxurious - Bubble&

Oyster Boy

Feast It loves their fine fresh locally sourced oysters, finished with a mignonette dressing and served with a peppery Bloody Mary! Find out more about Oyster Boy.

Oyster boy

Motu Indian Kitchen

Feast It loves their 'Chicken Biryani'... succulent slow cooked chicken, with basmati rice, caramelised onion, mint and royal cumin, with a side of 'Aloo Kulcha', a naan roasted in the tandoor, filled with spicy onions and potatoes. Find out more about Motu Indian Kitchen.

Luxurious - Motu

Creperie Oui!

Feast It loves their 'Brunch Galette'... a gluten free, 100% buckwheat flour galette made with free range eggs and sea salt, filled with egg, tomato, cheddar, mushrooms, caramelised onion, spinach, roasted garlic and fresh chillies. For dessert, we love their organic wheat flour crepe with amaretto, banana, organic maple syrup and whipped cream. Find out more about Creperie Oui!

Luxurious - Creperie Oui!

Coco Labelle

Feast It loves their 'Crispy Chilli Fish'... a Jamaican-inspired dish of fresh fried fish with a choice of rice or Mauritian farata, served with a Jamaican escovitch sauce, kale slaw and their very own Mauritian coriander chutney! Find out more about Coco Labelle.

Luxurious - Coco Labelle

On Cafe

Feast It loves their 'King Scallop & Prawn Dumplings'... a delicious fresh steamy dumpling filled with king scallop, prawns, dill, chives and sesame oil with a side of 'Kimchi Rolls', made with five spice tofu and kimchi! Find out more about On Cafe.

On Cafe

BOB’s Lobster

Feast It loves their 'Lobster and Crayfish Roll'... A toasted brioche bun, filled with crayfish and a fresh lobster tail, dressed with a homemade rapeseed mayo, smokey paprika and fresh oregano. Find out more about BOB’s Lobster.

Luxurious - BOBs Lobster

The Lambassadors

Feast It loves their 'Harissa Infused BBQ Leg of Lamb'... meat carved to order, served with a grain pot or flatbread with roasted garlic yoghurt, cabbage, coriander, carrot and a mint salad, with pickled red onion and a homemade chilli sauce. Find out more about The Lambassadors.

Luxurious - Lambassadors

Bord Food

Feast It loves their 'Charcuterie Board'... a selection of premium artisan charcuterie, dotted with colourful fruits, gherkins, nuts, crackers and olives. Find out more about Bord Food.

Bord Food2

JUMA Kitchen

Feast It loves their classic 'Dolma'... onion shells, vine leaves and baby peppers stuffed with lamb mince, authentic Iraqi spices and rice, slow cooked in pomegranate, garlic and lemon! Find out more about Juma Kitchen.

Luxurious - JUMA


EK Bakery

Feast It loves their double chocolate celebration cake, topped with stunning cornflowers and rose petals. Find out more about EK Bakery.

Luxurious - EK Bakery

The Artisan Strawberry Van

Feast It loves their fresh strawberries topped with melted Belgian milk chocolate and crumbly cookies, alongside a Strawberry Margarita, made with Triple sec, tequila, lime juice, strawberries, sugar syrup and ice! Find out more about The Artisan Strawberry Van.

Luxurious - Artisan Strawb

Jacques et Lilie

Feast It loves their 'Walnut Tartelette'... a delightful little sweet tart, which cleverly combines the crunch of walnuts with the sugary taste of a honey caramel garnish. Find out more about Jacques et Lilie.

Luxurious - Jacques et Lilie


Bubble Bros

The Prosecco Van by Bubble Bros is a stunning three-wheeled Piaggio Ape, brilliantly converted into a wonderful sparkling wine bar, where your guests can be served or pull the taps themselves! Find out more about Bubble Bros.

Luxurious - Bubble Bros

Bring Me Bubbles

A lovingly restored turquoise vintage Citroen H van, covered with cascading flower boxes, serving prosecco and prosecco-based cocktails from a hatch in the side! Find out more about Bring Me Bubbles.

Luxurious - Bring Me Bubbles

In Fine Spirits

A gloriously converted VW Dub Box, opening up at the top to reveal a full bar of spirits, wines, champagne and prosecco and bespoke cocktails! Find out more about In Fine Spirits.

Luxurious - In Fine Spirits

These are just are a few of the caterers and pop-up bars that you can book for your special day! We have a carefully curated collection of over 350 vendors, handpicked for their event catering experience and incredible food and drink. From London's most famous doughnuts, to mouthwatering Middle Eastern cuisine, we've got it all! Tell us about your wedding by filling out our simple enquiry form and our events team will be in touch to recommend the perfect caterers.