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When you become a Feast It supplier, you join a community at the centre of everything we do. We only invite the very best event suppliers onto Feast It because we want to be a cut above the rest and offer our customers the very best there is. With over 1,000 talented chefs, bakers, mixologists, brewers, photographers, florists, and more, we’ve got quite the crew going!

If you’re thinking of becoming a Feast It supplier, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, read on for all the insider info from one of our trailblazing mobile bar suppliers, Liquid.

Liquid joined Feast It in February 2018 and has since been a huge hit with our customers, generating an incredible £77K in revenue from 63 bookings*.

Owner and master mixologist, Keshell, started Liquid with one horsebox and quickly expanded by adding another horsebox, pallet bars and garden bars to her repertoire, a real testament to the instant popularity of the business.

During the pandemic, Liquid were fast to pivot their business model and have since become one of our top virtual events suppliers, hosting cocktail masterclasses and sending luxury cocktail making kits across the country!

Read on to hear more about the Liquid story and how they achieved success on Feast It.

Liquid - Keshell

What's been the key to your success on Feast It?

Quoting loads and using the templates Feast It has and making them the best they can be by reaching out to your team to understand what elements clients want to see. I always make sure the quotes are as clear and simple as possible and that they portray my business and brand. I also always make sure my profile is up to date with menus and good photos.

I try to quote every day and then go back through in a couple of days to send a follow up message. Chasing customers is important, everyone's busy so if someone hasn't replied, they might just have forgotten. So a little chase is good and shows you remember them. I always put people who have followed up with a question at the top of my list to respond to.

Liquid Whitey Bar

What makes Feast It stand out from other platforms you've used?

I like Feast It because it's simple to use, and the team is always available for a call if we need to ask anything. If you use Feast It as much as possible, and in the most efficient way (by keeping up to date with events and messages), you'll receive so many more leads. I keep up to date with all my leads and it generates more business in the long run. If you put a lot of effort in, you get a lot back.

What advice would you give to mobile bar suppliers joining Feast It?

Stay in your lane by sticking to your branding and business model.

Focus on making the product you have and your ideas a success, rather than adding too many complications. There's so many mobile bars out there and sometimes I think 'oh maybe I should do that too' but just staying in my own lane is better because people notice you and the brand as a collective, which is what they buy into.

Everything takes time, don't get too frustrated. Simplicity is key.

Liquid Pinky Bar

What are your plans for 2022?

All of the pallet bars will be done up with a universal twist, which will be released in the new year. We're also adding 2 more garden bars and have a couple of new exciting menus, which will be revealed soon when they're finalised!

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*Numbers are accurate as of October 2021