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Meet Smoky Gaucho

When you become a Feast It supplier, you join a community at the centre of everything we do. We only invite the very best event suppliers onto Feast It because we want to be a cut above the rest and offer our customers the very best there is. With over 1,000 talented chefs, bakers, mixologists, brewers, photographers, florists, and more, we’ve got quite the crew going!

If you’re thinking of becoming a Feast It supplier, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, we’re here to give you all the info straight from the horse's mouth in a Q&A with one of our most successful street food suppliers, Smoky Gaucho.

Smoky Gaucho is a London based caterer who has been with Feast It since April 2019 and, since then, they’ve worked on a staggering 91 events with us, generating £136K in revenue*. Founder and head chef, Charles, worked in professional kitchens for 15 years before starting Smoky Gaucho and infuses his now-infamous barbecued delights with flavours from his childhood in Southern Brazil.

Read on to hear from Charles himself.

Smoky Gaucho 1

What advice would you give to street food suppliers joining Feast It?

Take time to create your profile, make sure it's up to date. Be responsive and give customers timelines. Quoting is a numbers game, the more you put in the more you will get out. I have templates for everything, different event types, different responses (thanks for your booking etc).

What makes Feast It stand out from other platforms you've used?

The human side of Feast It makes a big difference. It isn't just a robot that matches you to events, I get calls from the team for special recommendations. The transparency of information is helpful, being able to see the customer's budget upfront means I can be clear about the type of service my customer can expect. The platform is simple and transparent. We could earn £200k by the end of the year

Smoky Gaucho Food

What's been your favourite event through Feast It?

Warmup festival 2021, it was a really busy weekend and we sold out from day one - over 500 portions were served. We made about £17k that weekend. Also, the opening weekend of Drumsheds this year was another super busy event, with 2 setups we sold 1600 portions.

How did you find opening a second branch of the business alongside the original?

You realise that with Feast It, it's a whole world of opportunities. Often customers would ask me if I can serve drinks as well, so I decided to open up a bar as well. By offering a second service, my earning potential has doubled.

Smoky Gaucho Set Up

What is your key take away from running a business through a pandemic?

I never took my head away from my catering business. The demand really decreased and I had to close my business for a while, but during that time, I took on other jobs (accounting, lorry driving) to gain an income that would be invested back into my catering business.

What are your plans for 2022?

We are soon to open up another setup serving Mexican food. We have already tried this menu at various events and it is the most popular, selling 50% more than my other setups!

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*Numbers are accurate as of October 2021