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Meet The Maverick Bar Company

When you become a Feast It supplier, you join a community at the centre of everything we do. We only invite the very best event suppliers onto Feast It because we want to be a cut above the rest and offer our customers the very best there is. With over 1,000 talented chefs, bakers, mixologists, brewers, photographers, florists, and more, we’ve got quite the crew going!

If you’re thinking of becoming a Feast It supplier, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, read on for all the insider info from our most successful bar supplier, The Maverick Bar Company.

Since joining Feast It in September 2019, The Maverick Bar Company have been on quite the journey! They’ve generated an incredible £56K in revenue from 105 bookings*, and are a prime example of a small business who changed their operating model during the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, The Maverick Bar Company could be found travelling the South East in their beautifully restored 1967 Citroen H van named Franc, serving delicious cocktails. When the UK was hit with lockdowns, they quickly pivoted their business to offer virtual cocktail masterclasses and sent cocktail making kits across the country and internationally, and let us tell you, they were a roaring success with our customers!

They’re now back out there doing events, but remain passionate about the virtual side of their business. Read on to hear all about their story and experience with Feast It below.

The Maverick Bar Company Truck

What makes Feast It stand out from other platforms you've used?

The Feast It platform is by far more developed than other competing platforms. As a supplier I really like the fact that you can chat to customers throughout the quoting and booking process so the site feels really interactive. On other competing sites the engagement is low, customers shortlist and there is no opportunity to interact and tailor quotes. The information Feast It asks clients such as budget, what they are looking for, number of guests etc gives me a much better idea of what people want and i can tailor a quote for them. Feast It's engagement is so much higher.

I absolutely love the Feast It template facility and I regularly edit mine. Every morning I go through my event match emails that you send, I check them and then I go into the platform. I think you have to be really proactive as a supplier. The business is there but you have to respond to the queries quickly to make sure you’re one of the first ones to respond and the templates allow me to do that. It only takes seconds. The fact I can also do things through my phone on Feast It means that if a message comes through from a customer, I can respond straight away.

I think as well, you guys reacted quickly during the pandemic when you jumped on virtual events and home delivery services, so you really changed your model fast, which was great to see. It works for us really well as a supplier.

You always ask us suppliers for feedback on how things can be improved, which you don't see on other sites. That shows you're continually trying to improve things.

The Maverick Bar Company Serving Cocktails

What’s been your favourite event through Feast It?

In the first 2 years we really threw a lot at the wall to see which events we enjoyed. Feast It has allowed us to understand we're really suited to corporate events where there's about 150 - 200 people.

We did a really nice event recently through Feast It for a brand consultancy who did an outdoor festival themed party. We were the bar, and there were a whole host of food suppliers, many we'd already met a few times. The nice thing about Feast It is that it feels like a bit of a community. That really sticks out for me.

The Maverick Bar Company Cocktails

What’s your key take away from running a business through and out of a pandemic?

We were really lucky in many respects because when the pandemic hit, I had an inkling that it wasn't going to be a short thing. So we applied for a premises licence to allow us to store and sell alcohol from our home. One of the big barriers to cocktails is people don't have all the ingredients at home, so when we got our licence to supply that, it was around the same time that Feast It contacted us about virtual events, and it all worked out perfectly!

It was so important to test and learn (with things like prices) and know everything didn't need to be perfect from the start. It was all about the ability to react quickly and make it happen.

Maverick Virtual

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*Numbers are accurate as of October 2021