Introducing monthly payment plans!

Even though our prices for the country's most unique and delicious food and drink are competitive, we completely understand that planning an event can often be a financial burden and quite stressful. This is why we’ve made your life a whole lot easier by introducing flexible monthly payment plans. By breaking down your bill into bite sized chunks, everyone can have the wedding or party they’ve always dreamed of!

We're all about making your life really easy, which is why our simple payment plans are just one set of automated payments. Once they're up and running, you don't have to set any fiddly reminders or remember to pay your balance a few days before your event when you're probably busy with other things! Feast It strives to take away all your event-planning stress, and this is just one of the little ways in which we help.

Our plans are bespoke, tailored just for your event. The way it works is really simple…

1. Make a flexible initial payment of between 20-50% of the full balance

2. We will charge the remaining balance from your card in equal predetermined installments on the 1st of every month

Choose your initial payment amount

These monthly payments go right up to your event, so you will feel more in control and can pay less money up front. We will send you a notification every time a payment in taken so there will never be any surprises, as well as telling you how much you have paid and what your outstanding balance is. Feast It understand that the event services you book with Feast It are often part of a much larger budget, so we want to do our bit to help you out!
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