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Guide: Photography styles

If you're planning your wedding or a big event and want to capture special moments on camera, you might be asking yourself, "what photography style do I want?".

To help you understand the options, we've put together a quick guide to event photography styles. We also work with UK photographers and videographers at the top of their game; you can check out their profiles, get a quote and chat with them about your event here.

Reportage photography

Reportage is a commonly used term for a candid or documentary photography style. It can be defined as natural-looking, non-posed photography that captures the essence of the day.

If you want to capture your event's emotions and story without interrupting proceedings, reportage is the style for you.

Reportage Photography

Contemporary photography

Contemporary photography is most popular for weddings. Using dramatic backdrops, angles and lighting, this style produces highly polished photos that look fresh off a magazine editorial shoot.

It's important to look through a photographer's portfolio to understand their style and vision, and bear in mind that you might need to spend considerable time away from guests to achieve this photo style.

Contemporary photography

First-look photography

This American wedding tradition captures the moment a couple first set eyes on each other, and we don't mean at the top of the aisle! Usually done in private or with close friends and family, first-look captures the couple in their wedding attire before the ceremony. If you're the superstitious type, then this might not be for you!

first look photography

Photojournalistic photography

Just another name for reportage or candid photography.

Sepia-toned or aged photography

This style of photography has been on the rise, thanks to apps like Instagram. It gives your photos a reddish-brown tint and can be described as adding a vintage look.

sepia-tone wedding

Traditional or formal photography

This photography style used to be more common at events, especially weddings, and captures formal poses. Nowadays, event organisers tend to opt for a handful of formal photos taken during key moments, alongside more candid shots of the day's events. A traditional photographer will spend time directing, so again, be mindful of how much time you're willing to spend away from guests.

traditional photography

Black and white photography

Needing little explanation, black and white photography is used to achieve a classic and timeless effect. As the filter is added during editing, you'll have the choice of both a full-coloured and black and white version.

black and white photography

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