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One of the many things that makes Feast It so unique is that our suppliers come from all walks of life. Many of our suppliers had previous professions before going into events, such as teaching, bartending, cheffing, or corporate careers. Our suppliers are everyday working people who have created their businesses through hard work, perseverance and pure passion.

If you're a customer and want to get to know our suppliers better, or a new Feast It supplier and need some advice to start on the right foot, read our full Q&A with Pixel Perfect Productions.

Pixel Perfect Productions is a wedding and drone videography business run by Tobias, a highly experienced videographer who has worked for major intergovernmental corporations such as the UN and the BBC and on hundreds of weddings across the country.

Pixel Perfect Productions

What got you into videography?

I started my career as a video editor working for the likes of BBC, UKTV, Disney, and currently for Discovery Channel. I love what I do but wanted to move away from entertainment and into areas of production that give me more control of the content I make and be beneficial to society, spread a little joy, and create some treasured memories.

With my transferable skills as an editor, I started to learn as much as I could about videography from YouTube and attending courses to get some hands-on experience. When I was 100% sure this was how I wanted my career to progress, I started my own company, Pixel Perfect Productions. I did a lot of free work for friends and charities to build up my skill set before I was confident that I could provide a finished product people would not only be happy to pay for but would want to come back and use my services time and time again.

My bread and butter is still providing editing services, especially with the pandemic over the past year, but my real pleasure is being behind the camera filming everything from fundraisers to weddings.

Pixel Perfect Productions work

What’s your favourite part about working at events?

How varied they can be and to have the creative freedom in shooting and editing, I make a point to always get to know the client and what they are expecting for their finished film - this can save a lot of time on re-edits. I love the fact every event is different and brings its challenges, no one event is ever the same; I love the fact that one day I may be filming a charity fundraiser and the next a wedding. Being my own boss has given me the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people, clients, and locations. My job has taken me around the globe, which was an amazing experience that wouldn’t have been possible working for a big multinational. Now I have a little girl of 18 months, so for the time being, I have limited my work to commutable locations, which is another benefit of being able to choose your work.

Why did you choose videography as a profession?

I have always been interested in film and photography and love being behind the camera, catching moments of joy and occasionally sadness. I wanted a career change but not to step entirely away from what I was doing, so this has allowed me to continue with full-time work and slowly build my business on the side.

Pixel Perfect Production Work

What’s your favourite type of event to video?

I can’t say I have a favourite type of event, but I do like to film outside and getting the chase to catch the golden hour.

How do you prepare for an event?

When preparing for an event, I make sure I have the client’s brief to hand to understand the tone they are looking for and the shot they require., I go through the shots and make a list to ensure I know what I need to capture and what lens would best suit the job.

I test my equipment, make sure all batteries are charged the night before filming and pack my equipment, leaving nothing to the day. It’s very easy to try and pack everything, but I have learnt over the years to keep it light and pack what you need.

Pixel Perfect Production Equipment

What’s the best event you’ve been part of professionally?

It’s hard to choose just one event as they can be so diverse and bring different pleasures, but if I had to choose, it would be filming the Christmas party for Children with Cancer UK, so many happy faces of children forgetting their problems showing such bravery in the face of so much adversity, it really was an amazing day and so rewarding.

What advice do you give people who are thinking about going into videography?

My advice to anyone going into videography would be don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to buy more equipment and upgrade all the time. It’s a very expensive business to start up, so know your target clients and what equipment you will need and keep within your budget. Once you start, ensure you know your equipment inside and out, know your client, know the intended audience, and before any shoot pre prep prep!

Pixel Perfect Productions work

What’s your favourite feature of the Feast It platform?

How easy it is to use and connect with potential clients outside your usual client list. There is such a variety of work available to submit quotes you'll always have the chance to find some great work opportunities.

What advice would you give to new suppliers who have joined Feast It, to start off on the right foot?

Keep putting in quotes, don't get put off if you aren't chosen for a project, there are many others, and if you have any problems setting up, the Feast It team are always there to help.

Pixel Perfection Productions

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