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Fika Event Productions approached us wanting a curated line up of food and drinks suppliers for a collection launch for a world-famous jewellery brand. So we rose to the occasion and pulled off a memorable evening that introduced the product to the world in style!

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In order to really get the word out there about this stunning new jewellery line, Fika wanted food and drinks that would be likely to appear frequently on their guestlist's social media feeds. With over 300 guests in attendance, this was the central focus for the client.

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We sourced Fika Events four of our best suppliers, all of which were both wrapped with the brand's logo and served from embossed sustainable packaging. Each supplier's menu was bespoke, with emphasis on the sustainability of their ingredients used.


We handled all on-site logistics, including supplier placement and ensuring all venue restrictions were accounted for - this allowed the client to relinquish all responsibility and enjoy their big night.

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Whether you're launching a new line of clothing, your company's latest feature, an incredibly rare beauty product or anything in between, our team has the knowledge and expertise to make this happen! The perfect product deserves to be paired with top notch food, drinks, photography and everything else, so head here if you've got something in mind.