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A whole latte love for Ruttle & Rowe

The Feast It team were lucky enough to have one of our new traders, Ruttle & Rowe, come in and make Espresso Martinis for us in the office! They were perfectly mixed, beautifully presented and absolutely delicious (the rest of the afternoon was a little hazy). Ruttle & Rowe is a Aixam Mega Van, fitted with an impressive Astoria Lever Espresso Machine, bringing the finest coffee and caffeinated cocktails to wherever you are! We wanted to find out more about the story behind this delightful mobile coffee business and the charming couple that run it…

“We want to concentrate on making the small business we have the best it can be!”


Tell us a little bit about yourselves and the beginning of Ruttle & Rowe…
We are Mat Ruttle and Grace Rowe, a husband and wife team mixing business with pleasure as well as mixing amazing coffee-based cocktails and brewing perfect speciality coffee. Ruttle & Rowe was created from our home in 2017 when we started to roast coffee in small batches from our garden. We have always been coffee enthusiasts and Mat worked as a barista on and off, so when the opportunity came up to buy the vehicle, we decided it was too good to miss.

Is it just you two in the team?
We do most of the events ourselves with the help of a small team that dip in and out on occasions. We use a lot of ‘resting’ actors from our contacts with the industry, as we find they have great energy and people skills.


Where and when can we find your deliicous coffee?
We are based in Walthamstow and have a morning pitch at Lea Bridge Station in E10, where we serve the daily commuters their coffee and we do events up and down the country. We have done weddings recently in Gloucester and Brighton.


What did you do before you started this coffee venture?
We are both actors and met whilst performing in a West End Show. Like most actors, we found ourselves out of work as much as we were in work, so inevitably turned our hands to other sources of income to pay the bills. It made perfect sense to use both our barista skills and the communication skills that a career in performance gives you, to start a business that provide it with some stability and that we genuinely love doing.

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Did you find it easy to create your brand?
Fortunately we were gifted with perfectly alliterated surnames that sounded very twee and old school when put together. Mat loves a bad pun so we went through a whole list of pun-based names before we decided that simple was best. For us, it’s all about the coffee, so we wanted to keep the brand, including the logo and name, as simple and clean as possible.

R&R Logo

What are the three most important values of Ruttle & Rowe?
*Quality of ingredient
Customer interaction

What were the first 3 steps of getting Ruttle & Rowe set up?
First and foremost was having the initial passion, otherwise it would never have worked. The second step was research, research, research! Setting up a food business can be a minefield and it’s easy to forget to do something or overlook a certain requirement, so research is key. The third step was jumping in. We procrastinated about when to actually put ourselves out there, but you just have to jump in with both feet and not be afraid of making mistakes.


What has been the highlight of your journey so far?
We’ve been lucky enough to have done some great events so far and we really enjoy the weddings. If someone books us for a wedding it’s because the product means something to the couple, so to be a part of their big day is a great feeling. We have been featured on some great sites and when someone contacts you because they like what they have seen, it reassures you that you are doing something right!


Have there been any bumps in the road?
Being mobile, we have had some literal bumps in the road, which we have had to overcome! We’ve had some theft and vandalism, which is never great but every time something happens we are able to change something for the better and come back stronger.

What kind of events have you catered for so far?
We have done some great outdoor, festival-style weddings in places like Oxford and Brighton and a great country chic wedding at Elmore Court in Gloucester. The East London Comic and Arts Festival and Most Curious Wedding Fair were also highlights. Our favourite was serving Espresso Martinis at the Walthamstow Christmas Tree turn-on in our home postcode, whilst East 17 performed behind us!
## “We do anything coffee-based, so can fit in to almost any event. If the party needs to get going a bit quicker then our Espresso Martinis are great for that!”
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Can you tell us a little bit about your product?
We serve speciality coffee roasted by The Roasting Shed, which we use for all of ou Espresso based drinks, perfectly complemented by Brade’s Farm Barista milk. We also do some small batch roasting ourselves, which we use for our coffee favours that can be personalised for any wedding. We also do a small list of coffee based cocktails, including the Espresso Martini, Espresso Negroni and Coffee Corretto.


What’s your favourite thing to eat?
We like to travel when we can and experience new food. We love Asian food and particularly loved the food on a recent trip to Bali, where the dishes are influenced by many surrounding countries. Their coffee culture is great too and is heavily influenced by Australia and New Zealand.


A huge thank you to Mat and Grace for chatting to us about their coffee business and for coming in and getting us all a little tipsy on a Wednesday afternoon! If you want to book this beautiful mobile coffee van for your next event, make an enquiry today before they get snapped up. We have over 400 more street food traders and mobile bars on our platform, easily bookable for weddings, parties and corporate events in just a few clicks.