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Sam & Maria's wedding: a scrumptious success

One of the things we love doing here at Feast It is providing wedding catering to make your special day that extra bit special. Knowing that your friends and family are going to be eating totally delicious food makes us feel really good inside. In 2017, we provided street food trucks for over 300 weddings and one of these was the wedding of Sam and Maria. We spoke to the groom’s delightful father, Niall, who was in charge of organising the catering, and very kindly told us all about the day and his hassle-free experience with Feast It…

Pembery Wedding 2

Sam and Maria’s wedding took place in July at a charming family church in Battersea. The bride and groom knew from the start of the planning process that they wanted street food catering and put Sam’s father in charge. Having worked in London, Niall knew and loved street food markets, but didn’t know where on earth to book them. So he did what anyone would do and googled ‘street food London’, and found himself on the Feast It website! Niall had enquired at the church about how big their car park was, alas, there was no car park. There was also no parking outside. However, the family were given permission to use a public garden next to the church, which beautifully fitted two gazebos.

“This was something I really liked about the website, it clearly stated whether the trader had a truck or a gazebo, or both!”

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We asked Niall how he found the selection and booking process and he told Feast It that Hugo, one of our founders, knew exactly what would work well in the space they had at the church and came back to him with a simple three-item menu from each trader, really putting his mind at ease. Niall loved our online chat, where he could chat to the team and the traders he had chosen, and where any questions he had were swiftly answered.

“I really felt like someone knew what I was after and that they were listening to me. It really gave me confidence.”

This lovely family and their friends were joined on Sam and Maria’s wedding day by Waffle On, who make the most remarkable sweet and savoury waffles, and Room Service, famed for their classic club sandwiches with a twist. Room Service had three items on their menu for this wedding, their Signature Club, which comes with grilled chicken, bacon jam and a fried egg, their Grand Fromage grilled cheese sandwich and their Acapulco Chicken Skewers. Waffle On also had a three item menu, which included their Lemon Meringue waffle complete with homemade lemon curd, a fresh Summer Fruits waffle, and a Belgian Chocolate waffle.

“They were just brilliant, it went fantastically well!”

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The wedding itself ran in a fairly traditional order, with the ceremony in the church, followed by speeches, after which the food was available outside. Sam and Maria are both musicians, so the day was accompanied by the romantic tones of live jazz. There were also some ceremonial Slovak elements, such as Maria’s mother tying a scarf around her daughter’s head, and the wedding party wearing customary Slovakian dress later on in the day. Niall found it rather stressful knowing that he was responsible for the food, but true to their word, the traders arrived at the venue when they were supposed to. He was particularly impressed with their attention to detail, which included specially printed menus in front of each gazebo stall, one of which even congratulated the bride and groom in both English and Slovak, Maria’s mother tongue, a really lovely touch! The day was short and sweet, just as they wanted, and once the bride and groom were ready to tie things up, the food traders did the same.

“They took what was left at the end and made up sandwiches and waffles and brought them into the church hall so that there was no waste”

Thank you so much to Niall for speaking to us about using Feast It for Sam and Maria’s special day, we are so happy that it went without a hitch and that the food was delicious! If you want street food caterers and pop-up bars for your wedding then you’ve come to the right place! Not only will they look really wonderful at your venue, but you can enjoy the day knowing that your guests are being totally looked after with great food and drink. Get in touch today and let us know your wedding catering vision so we can get right on the case.