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Feast It partners with Sellar

Feast it is proud to announce an official partnership with Sellar, a direct trading platform for the craft drinks industry featuring many of the nation’s top craft brewers. Sellar is an incredibly powerful tool for any mobile drinks supplier that wants to expand their craft beer & cocktail offering, as well as staying up to date with delicious seasonals. Feast It sat down with Sellar Co-Founder Julian Bourne to see what we should be drinking, summer trends for 2022 and where the drinks industry is heading.

We'll be celebrating our partnership with Sellar by doing an exclusive tour and tasting session at Mondo Brewery on the 8th of June. Please get in touch with Josh, our community manager if you would like to attend at [email protected] Not only that, but Feast It suppliers get £50 off any orders with Mondo Brewery worth over £250! Get in touch with Josh if you'd like to redeem the offer.


Can you tell us a little bit about your background and why you started Sellar?

To cut a long story short, Matt, James and I started Sellar after a conversation with our friends over at Good Things Brewing. They described the way they were selling their beer to trade (pubs, bars, restaurants, bottle shops etc) as completely archaic and knew there was a better way. They wanted us to build that.

After speaking to a load of craft drinks brands, plus a load of time in pubs and bars (hard work right!?) to understand their pain points it was clear a lot of people were suffering unnecessarily. Good Things were right. There was clearly a better way. So we started Sellar.

What do you think is going to take the beer world by storm this summer? What are people wanting to drink?

I don't think I could say as one of the most exciting aspects of the space is the variety and choice. People are into such different styles and flavours. Even the same person can even crave variety - I've know some fanatics who never want to enjoy the same beer twice as it's a missed opportunity to try something new.

The good news is that craft beer scene caters for exactly that. Typically our partners will have a range of core products which they've refined to perfection. Then also have a range of seasonal or one-off specials where they can be a little more experimental and whacky.

I have to use Sellar's New Releases feed to keep up on the hundreds of new products getting added to the our partners' trade stores every week.

Last summer I was enjoying Brew York's Lemon Sherbetz, a Lemon Sherbet Sour that I even had served once as a slushy.

I'm really excited about our event on the 8th of June at Mondo brewery. How did you guys start working together?

Me too. We were introduced to Brad, Mondo's Head of Sales, in the very early days at Sellar. Brad immediately resonated with what we were building for the industry. He wanted his team to be spending less time on manually processing orders and more time actually talking to and building relationships customers. The rest is history. We like working closely with all of our drinks partners so we can incorporate all of their cool ideas into the platform (and the free beer).

What's next for Sellar?

Big question. We exist to make trade sales simple. We have a huge job on our hands to modernise the antiquated B2B side of the £80bn UK drinks industry.

But how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That's what we continue to do with our community helping to guide the way.

What should I be drinking at this exact moment?

Probably a coffee - it's still early morning. If you really need something stronger, you could try one of our Espresso Martinis... Espresso Martini

Sign up with Sellar today and get £50 off any Mondo Brewery order worth over £250!